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Sparkling articles, blogs, eBooks, editing, SEO, website copy + design, content strategy + blog management, collaborations, evidence-based health research and everything else in between.


1. Choose Your Copywriting Service

  • Blogs

  • eBooks

  • Editing Existing Content

  • Website Copy

  • Website Design

  • Content Strategy

  • Blog Management

2. Complete Your Project Form

Tell us everything about your brand and project. Have no idea what content your brand requires? We’ve got you covered! Fill in as much information as possible. We can fire emails back and forth or have a chat on the phone. Nic is an expert at working out cost-effective options for startups. Click here for your project form!

3. Pricing

Nic will price up your project. Happy to work on an hourly or word rate. An hourly rate for editing, website design, content strategy, keyword research, and blog management. A word rate for blogs, web copy and ebooks. Alternatively, a package price is an attractive option.

4. Sparkling Content Created

Nic gets into action creating mindful, curated and engaging content for your brand. Nothing is ordinary around here. We are talking about hot, juicy and sparkling content to grab your target audience right from their seats and into your shopping cart. Want copy that converts to sales? Nic’s the creative copywriter for you!

5. Sparkling Content Delivered

Articles sent via google drive and usually before project deadline. Edits are hardly ever requested, but we are happy to make any edits until you are thrilled with the results.


Articles + Blogs

Compelling and shareable blog content to share helpful information, elevate your brand, engage your readers and drive traffic.


Professionally written and formatted ebooks to build your credibility and attract customers. Popular with brands as a gift to clients or to increase revenue by selling it for a price. Offering a free ebook as an incentive to sign up to your mailing list is a time-tested strategy.


As an editor and freelance digital copywriter, Nic specialises in editing and transforming existing copy into customer-driven content to convert your readers into buyers.


Hot off the press with the latest Yoast SEO training. Nic always ensures that all online content is Search Engine Optimized to promote your business, engage with your audience, drive traffic, achieve business results and build a loyal community.

Website Copy + Design

Entice your readers to take action with strategically driven words. We craft clear, credible and concise content, so your value proposition becomes your magic pick-up line. Score more clients with seductive web copy and stunning design.

Aerial view of a woman using computer laptop working and hot tea

Content Strategy + Blog Management

Develop a sparkling content strategy with clearly defined goals, a well-researched target audience, a regular publication scheduled and of course quality content.

Evidence-Based Health Research

Nic holds an Advanced Diploma in Naturopathy, Nutritional Medicine + Herbal Medicine and a Diploma in Sports Therapy. Nic is fully competent in crafting SEO friendly health, wellness, lifestyle, naturopathy, nutrition, yoga, skincare, and fitness content.