Surprising Changes To Make When Turning Forty

With any change in life, the entering of a new decade can tend to solidify things. Perhaps that realisation that you're getting older can start to get you down. But when you hit a new decade, you start to think that you need to do things to act your age, not necessarily personally, but in terms of putting the stops in place so you age happier. When you turn 40, it can feel like a midlife crisis or exciting freedom of opportunity, but as they say, life begins at forty! What changes should you begin to make when you hit the big 4-0?

Should You Dress More Maturely?

There is nothing quite so embarrassing than seeing someone trying to act 20 years below their digits. There may be things that you did in your 20s that you regret now. Perhaps that Mickey Mouse tattoo doesn't look becoming any more? It's easy enough to get a tattoo removal, but it's also worth making over your entire wardrobe. Those dresses you've been wearing in your 30s may not look so good on you now. It all depends on what you can get away with. You might be lucky enough to look a bit younger, but there are plenty of ways to look fabulous, and most definitely sexy when you turn 40.

Stop Worrying About Expectations

Sure, looking your age is one thing, but when people start to tell you that you “should” have had a family by now, or ask you “when are you going to settle down with someone?”, you can politely tell them where to go! People expect things of you because of your age- do what you want to do! A lot of people are happier by themselves, and if this is you, remember: this is the perfect way to do what you want when you want! You don't need to achieve mindfulness or happiness when you don't have to share your life! People will expect certain things of you because of the digits, but forget about them!

It's Time To Prioritise Your Health

Getting older can mean that things start to creak a little bit more when you wake up in the morning. While plenty of people think that it's a part of life, and there is nothing you can do about it, there is plenty! Have you seen those yoga women in their 60s that don't look a day over 30? Start to prioritise your health and learn the weak parts of your body. Maybe your knees creak a little bit more, in which case, some strength training will work wonders. But also think about your nutrition. Maybe you need to prioritise more home-cooked meals instead of eating out all the time. Sure, a little bit of what you fancy is great, but there's a big drive on keeping healthy in tandem with a healthy mind. You are what you eat, but also you are how much you exercise. Prioritise your health in these two ways, and you will see a major difference, not just in your physicality, but your outlook on life.

When we were in our 20s, we didn't need to worry about our physical health, but gradually, the dial turned up during your 30s, and now, it's time to make certain changes that will see you through the next phase of your life. Pick the right ones.