The Key To Shaping Up Fast

The fact is, shaping up is a process.  It is best when you take your time. Taking your time ensures that you don’t make any silly shortcuts, that you do so healthily, and that you stay that way long after you’ve achieved your goal. There are a few things you can do to attempt to see results quicker. Although it’s best when you take your time with a goal such as this, you can try the following to move things along:


Most people think that exercise will get them to where they want to be, but this isn’t the case. The most important thing, hand’s down, is what you eat. It doesn’t mean you only eat salad and starve yourself. A healthy calorie deficit is the best way to shape up if you’d like to lose fat - use a calorie calculator to work out what this should be for your height and build. Eating too low can cause the body to hold onto fat, so you should be eating enough to nourish your body and lose fat at the same time.

If you want to shape up by putting on muscle, you need to be in a healthy surplus, alongside training. Your food choices do need to be healthy, but you can still incorporate a few treats here and there to keep you sane. If you track macros, you can allow yourself more flexibility in what you eat and even reach your goals within the required timeframe. If you don't want to follow macros.  No problem. Merely do it for a few days or weeks and then eat intuitively. It can teach you so much about nutrition and will help you to hold on to your results.


You don’t have to do hard exercises every day.  If you want to shape up for summer, you need to incorporate different types of exercise. Resistance training will build strength and give you muscle definition, while reasonable cardio will help you to drop any fat. On days off, you could speed things up a little by making them ‘active rest days’. It could mean taking a walk or going for a swim. Just make sure you don’t overdo it, and always listen to your body.  Your mental health comes first.


Your sleep really can affect the results you get from your health and fitness routine. While you sleep, your body will be working to regulate hormone levels and do all kinds of other crazy things. If you don’t get enough sleep, you may find your hunger levels out of control the next day. It can also cause more stress, which means we hold on to fat. Getting 8 hours a night can help you to get the results you want.


Breaking old habits can be a must if you want to stay in shape. If you used to binge when you get sad, then you need to take a closer look at why you feel the need to do this and ways you can break the habit. You can do it if you try and recognise these harmful patterns! Collaboration.