Embracing Our Beautiful Ageing Process

Many of us worry about the effects of ageing on our bodies. Still, even though moisturising, enjoying a healthy diet, nailing those green smoothies, following an exercise regime and loving our work, there are some surprising signs of ageing in women that we may not necessarily think about. So what can we do to counteract these problems? And should we try and embrace them? Here are some ideas around the ageing process in women, and the reasons why you don’t need to panic just yet.


As we age we tend to worry about the grey hairs appearing, and many of us turned to the hairdresser for some help getting the colour we want from our hair, but surprisingly the pigment disappearing from our hair isn’t always the biggest concern. Quite often, we find that hair loss in women isn’t just caused by pregnancy hormones. As we get older, sometimes our hair starts to thin, which can be alarming. But since it’s 2019, we have plenty of technology available to counteract this. There are discrete treatments and tools available that will help reduce the effects of this for you. And if you’re imaginative with the styling of your hair, it can be easily rectified. As with anything else to do with ageing, Nothing is stopping you embracing this, and accepting it as part of the ageing process.


As we get older our brains aren’t as sharp as they used to be, your focus can be a little bit off-kilter, and quite often will find ourselves in a room after forgetting why we went there. This is quite a common problem for most people, because we have more on our minds, have a lot to remember, and extra stress depending on our lifestyle. Of course if this becomes a concern or something out of the norm, then your doctor should be consulted, but otherwise, pick up a book of Sudoku and test your brain until it sharpens up again a little. Studies have shown that doing puzzles can be beneficial in reducing memory problems. So all is not lost, and try not to be frustrated with yourself if this happens.


Most ageing processes and symptoms can attribute it to hormones. As women age, our hormone levels change, and this can affect many areas of our life. As oestrogen and progesterone levels fluctuate, so can our moods, weight, and skin tone. So many articles and studies show specific lifestyle changes can help with hormone balances. But again seeking help if necessary is always the route to go down. Mindfulness can also be a fantastic tool with keeping calm and stress-free as well, and there are plenty of online resources for this one.

Eating well, exercising, keeping to a skincare regime, and spending time with loved ones will do wonders to help counteract any negative feelings surrounding ageing. Enjoying life to the max and doing things that you love is a surefire way of improving your mood. Remember, there is help available, and it’s vital that we take care of ourselves above all. Collaboration.