Sit At A Desk All Day? Try These Tips

Sitting at a desk all day is something a lot of employers and employees need to do.  It’s something that can cause a lot of problems in the long run, primarily if you’re working like this 8 hours a day for five days a week. Don’t worry; you’re not doing irreversible damage to your body! It’s just something that our bodies don’t tend to cope with all too well. When it comes to pain in your bones or muscles, there could be all kinds of causes to blame, both big and small. And whether it’s your joints that are aching or your entire back after a whole day at work, you shouldn’t have to suffer from the pain you’re experiencing.  There are a few quick moves and changes you can make to soothe these aches and pains, and a couple of the best are listed below. Hopefully, you find them helpful!


When it comes to your Muscular Skeletal Health, there’s a lot less sitting and a lot more standing you need to be doing. Humans didn’t evolve to lead sedentary lifestyles, and the modern need to sit in an office all day to work is something that can severely damage our collective health. So make a difference, and get moving more whenever you can!

Of course, you don’t have to break out the pilates moves or get started on some aerobic exercises, just stretching your legs is enough to break the habit of sitting around. You don’t even need to stand around for a bit in between emails; go on more trips to the bathroom and back, always volunteer to dig around in the storeroom for something, and be sure to use your breaks to go outside and have a wander.


Are you slumping down right now as you read this? You probably are, and you’ve just sat up a little straighter at the prompt! Try to make that more of a habit as you work at your desk; leave a little note for yourself on the edge of your computer screen to sit up a little straighter, and you’ll find your back aches improving bit by bit, day by day.

At the same time, make sure the screen you’re looking at is high enough too. You don’t want to crick your neck because of how much you’re looking down; raise it up with some books underneath if you have to. And then make sure you don’t ever have to reach for your keyboard or scrunch your neck/shoulders up to be able to type on it correctly. All in all, a whole desk setup rehaul might be due!

Sitting at a desk all day could be bad for your health, so make sure you’re minimising the effects as much as possible. It’s easy to do when you know how to, so look for more tips like these in your effort to get your health in check. Collaboration.