Making Life in Lockdown a Little Easier

We’re living through some pretty strange times. Coronavirus has taken the world in its grip and the consequent pandemic means that many of us, in the majority of countries, are living life in lockdown. We’re spending almost all of our time indoors, only leaving to go and get food and drink or do a little outdoor exercise. We haven’t seen people who live outside of our homes for months. Now, this is all worth it, because we’re slowing the spread of the virus and saving lives. But at the same time, this is a lifestyle that we’re all still relatively unfamiliar with and adjusting to. There are a number of different things you can do to make your life in lockdown that little bit easier. Here’s some advice for those of us in various different situations!

If You Have Kids

Most kids are off school right now. So life in lockdown may feel a bit hectic. Not only do we have the kids all day every day, but they’re also bored, missing their friends and looking for a distraction. Bored kids can quickly begin to behave badly as an outlet. So, it’s important to keep them occupied at all times. During the days, do your utmost to recreate the school environment where possible. Engage them in tasks, try to focus on their education and if you really want to go the extra mile, invest in some educational furniture. Around this, make sure to host fun activities that will keep them happy and occupied. Finally, consider reaching out to their friends from schools’ parents - see if you can arrange a video chat between your little ones so they can keep in touch!

If You Live Alone

Living alone can be difficult right now. While you don’t have to worry about arguments with others, you can quickly become quite lonely while following lockdown guidelines. It’s important to not only keep yourself occupied but to also keep connected with those you love. Video apps like Zoom and Houseparty are experiencing a lot of popularity right now. You can also keep in touch with friends and family through text, social media messaging, email, phone call and more.

If You Live With a Partner

Living with a partner may be different under lockdown circumstances. We’re all feeling stressed, under pressure, and anxious. So, you may find yourselves rubbing each other up the wrong way or snapping. Wherever possible, try to be reasonable. If you’re arguing, take a moment to figure out why. If you were taking out anger from other areas of your life on them, apologise. You can work your way through these arguments and should feel lucky to have some loving company during these times. Of course, if there are deeper issues, such as violence or abuse, there are helplines out there that can provide you with assistance.

These are just a few living circumstances many of us are finding ourselves facing lockdown in. Hopefully, some of the above information should help you to make your time at home much more pleasant! Collaboration.