How To Set Up For Successful Meditation

Meditation is all about de-concentration and not about concentration. Meditation is focusing on ones thought and not concentrating on negative things.  It helps with relaxation and helps to get rid of stress among people of all levels. This is an age-old practice which can include different forms and the combination of different spiritual exercises. Regular meditation can be a result of focused concentration, a calm mind, inner strength, transparent communication and many more. Meditation has a profound impact on our existence as mental, physical and spiritual.


At the time of meditation.  For the reason that it can be beneficial to keep these points in mind to get the optimum result.


  • Take a second breath, inhale and exhale taking deep breathes.

  • Stretch the full-body tightly and then relax.

  • Grasp breathe and tension for a few seconds.

  • Breathe out forcefully and rapidly by vibrating your stomach.

  • Repeat these more than once, until you feel relaxed.


Meditation should start with a prayer. It can be helpful to remember the reason for our mediation.


Operating our body even slightly can pass on the energy into the muscles. Yoga can help to gain inward and upward energy to the brain. If we are feeling restless, we have to imagine our physical body as an object like a solid or unmoving rock. We can find our body very calm of its own within the first few minutes of meditation. As long as we can sit still, it can quickly reduce our physical and mental agitation.


Our eyes should be closed and firmly fixed. You must be gazing at a point about an arm’s length away and its level with the peak of our head.

This can help to open our spiritual eye and gain energy for our spinal.


We should fix an area which is used entirely for meditation. With spiritual vibration, it can become saturated time by time.  A little space of our bedroom, a tiny room, a corner of our balcony can be the best place for meditation if it is purely ventilated.

We need an ordinary chair with a small comfortable cushion to sit on.  It is quite simple; we can face eastwards if possible, keep a woollen blanket on the floor to wrap our body from the magnetic energy of the earth.

Meditation can also help us to realize our own mind.  Through meditation, we can learn the transformation of our consciousness from negative to positive and can transform ourselves from being disturbed to attain peacefulness.  According to Buddhism, the goal of meditation is to overcome negative thoughts and to cultivate constructive ideas.  Furthermore, this is a long-term spiritual exercise which we can enjoy not just while seated in meditation but throughout the day.

Nowadays people feel stressed and overloaded for a hectic schedule which is the result of modern life.  We can feel like there is no time in the day to get everything done which we have planned.  We often think there is not enough time to sit and meditate.

Above all, meditation actually gives us more time by making our mind more focused.  Finally, it is just a matter of ten or fifteen minutes breathing which can help to change our inner mind, prevail over our stress and find a new level of peace and balance. Author: Emma Smith.