How To Revolutionize Your Beauty Experience

Not such a long time ago, our beauty experience used to be simple, and this didn’t always pan out well. We would usually go shopping in a brick-and-mortar store, pick out, for instance, a shade of red lipstick or a foundation, and pray it works well and matches our skin tone. Making these kinds of purchases felt like spinning the wheel of fortune – sometimes you hit, and other times you miss. There was almost no way to make an informed decision, whether it was choosing the right brand, the right ingredients, and products that will work and cater to your specific needs.  Times have significantly changed, and the beauty world is continuously evolving. 


It is this generation that we have to thank for many changes, including the ones in the beauty department. The gen Y-ers are first and foremost changing the corporate environment, and a good salary just doesn’t cut it anymore. They want to work for a company that shares their values and shows appreciation, which is why numerous companies now offer wellness programs, such as spa days, meditation, yoga and fitness classes, and even nap rooms and an in-house massage and chiropractor, among many other wellness perks. Why? Because investing in your employees’ overall wellness is a smart move – a relaxed and de-stressed worker is a happy worker, hence a productive and loyal one. 


After being burnt one too many times, the new beauty consumer doesn’t trust advertisements in glossy magazine pages, and why should they, when there are so many other, more reliable sources to turn to now? We have our beauty bloggers, YouTube makeup gurus and influencers, which reportedly 58% of millennials trust as well as online reviews on the websites of a given company, for instance, Sephora. People are candid in their studies, and that sparks confidence, and the tech-savvy millennial will read multiple reviews before even considering purchasing a product. 


The Digital Age has simplified and revolutionised the way we shop for beauty products in other ways as well. We now, for instance, don’t have to go to a store to even test things out if we don’t want to. Beauty companies have not only enabled us to shop from the comfort of our own home, but they also offer online assistance with a friendly and knowledgeable customer service officer, who will not only be friendly but give you solid advice on which product to choose. We don’t even have to make calls to make an appointment for a facial, massage, cut and colour – there are multiple apps such as Mind-Beauty HK, Glamazon and Dial a Style that allows you to book any beauty service with just a few clicks. It is beauty being revolutionised and simplified in the right way. 


While online shopping is great once you already know and love a brand, it’s crucial to try things first when you’re still not familiar with either a new release or a fresh-off-the-boat brand. This ‘testing’ experience that the Racked refers to as “Sephorization” is fantastic. People at the counters give you tips, and there’s even a service that allows you to get all dolled up by one of the in-house makeup artists so that you can see the product in its full glory.

If you don’t have time for all that, you can ask for a free sample which they will provide, and not only at Sephora but also places like Ulta and Nordstrom. Why pay good money for something if you can test it out for free and figure out whether it works for you? Reviews are great, but every skin is different, so always make sure to take the route that does the job for you. 


Given a chance, 59% of women over the age of 35 and 73% of millennial women hold the belief that organic, cruelty-free and natural cosmetics are more beneficial for them, and are even willing to pay more for them. These are the women who know that natural products undoubtedly come with benefits for both their skin and the environment. With natural skincare and makeup, what you see is what you get, and there are no potentially harmful chemicals that you can barely pronounce. It is yet another way to revolutionise your experience – go green.

These products might take a bit longer to ‘do their magic’ especially if we’re talking about skincare, but their impact is long-lasting and, most of all, safe. With organic and natural topical solutions comes the holistic approach to skincare, so aside from what you put on your skin, mind the foods that go into your body, turn to superfoods and mediation. The link between health and beauty is inextricable, so take care of yourself as a whole, and it will show on your skin. 


The beauty industry, possibly single-handedly changed by Fenty Beauty in this aspect, is making serious efforts to be more inclusive. It is revolutionary, as now women of all skin colours, skin types and even different undertones can find their perfect foundation. Let’s hope others follow suit, and fast, because loyalty is up for grabs, so choose the brand that caters to your needs and cares about your real beauty. Author: Style & Beauty Blogger Sophia Smith, High Style Life