How To Keep A Healthy Head On Your Shoulders

A healthy brain is at the epicentre of all of our bodily functions. From controlling your breathing without you needing to use your thoughts to intervene, to digesting your food to initiating processes for your body to fend off viruses. It's the control room for your body, and as with every other body part, it needs continuous care. For tips on how to keep your mind healthy for years to come, here's what you can do to look after your brain.


A balanced diet is essential for you to keep fit and healthy. With the right nutrients your body can live up to its full potential, you'll feel more energetic and less stressed to take on your day. For your brain, there are a few foods that are deemed to keep your mind healthy. Such as fatty fish like sardines and salmon that are packed with Omega 3. Your brain is 60% fat and of the omega 3 kinds. For those showing signs of Alzheimer's (a form of dementia), increasing your omega 3 intakes could help to slow down this disease.

Also, you'll probably be happy to hear that coffee has its benefits for your mind to. Coffee, which is high in caffeine antioxidants is a definite brain stimulant that can elevate your mood by boosting serotonin and increase your ability to focus.


Keeping hydrated is necessary for your whole body. In terms of the brain, when your body is lacking in water, your concentration levels shall feel the effects first. Drinking enough water will not only help you focus but also help to lift your mood too. By increasing your fluid intake, you shall also see a boost in your ability to memorize things, create long term memories, and form conclusions.


A good night's sleep, and a nap during the day give your mind the time it needs to rest and process what has happened this far. You may notice following a good night's rest or a power nap, that you can think more clearly. Alongside this, getting enough rest at night time shall also assist your brain in retaining memories.


Consistently watching mindless TV will not give your brain the stimulation it yearns to keep healthy and active. Give your brain a workout by trying to solve complex puzzles and brain games. And try doing new things beyond your comfort zone that take more that auto-pilot thinking and actions. Whether it's tackling fixing something in your home or beginning a new challenging hobby.


Pump more oxygen to the brain by giving your body a workout. Whether running around your neighbourhood, indoor rock climbing or a class at the gym, there are a lot of activities you can do to raise your heart rate, and in turn, give your brain a boost. Exercise is particularly great for releasing positive hormones, which provide an excellent foundation for growing brain cells.

No matter what stage of your life you're at, it's never too late to make a conscious effort to look after your minds. Whether you fear your memory has been slipping lately, or you're finding it harder to concentrate, you should seek medical help and use the tips above, to help get your brain back on track. Collaboration.