How To Handle Anxiety As A Business Owner

Meeting, deadlines, people to see, and places to go! Life as a business owner is fun and full-on. As a business owner life can be hectic and quite frustrating if you do not come up with ways of managing yourself and your work. You spend the whole day expressing yourself in writing and posting stuff online for everyone to see. You probably do not have a workout routine, so you end up spending all your days behind a computer coming up with creative ideas.

Maybe your hobby is watching movies or listening to music, so you rarely engage in physical activities. At times you submit work that might be rejected so you are always unsure about how things will turn out. Handling all these issues need to be done strategically.

There are many aspects of a freelancer that is anxiety-inducing. If you are starting out, you may be hoping for a better tomorrow and still worried about some completed tasks. Even those who are completely stable with a fully fledge freelancing gig can suffer from anxiety as a result of related issues. Identify and understand your weakness. How do you handle it? Here are effective ways of reducing stress so that you may remain productive and healthy as a freelance copywriter.


Yes, you need to sleep like a baby. Getting enough quality sleep is one of the most effective ways of reducing anxiety. If you are used to sleeping for probably four hours and continue working to meet deadlines, you are heading in the wrong direction. This probably explains why you may feel anxious about certain situations.

If you are used to a tight schedule but having little sleep, you will start feeling nervous and become shaky if it continues for a long time. That is when reality dawns on you. Sleeping allows your body to relax. Additionally, it clears your head and rejuvenates your energy.


You not only need to focus on blood work but also vitamins. Lack of vitamin D may lead to depression and fatigue. As a freelance copywriter, finding time to prepare a well-balanced diet can be challenging due to the enormous workload and short deadlines. Try out Vitamin D supplements to give you a boost. You will feel energised and more productive than ever.


Freelance copywriters think that coffee is their best companion. Of course, drinking coffee allows you to stay awake throughout the night but have you ever thought about the negative side of it. You probably rely on coffee to deal with your fatigue. However, coffee increases your heart rate thus worsening anxiety. Reduce your intake of coffee. Stop that habit of taking a cup of coffee when you start feeling sleepy and tired. If possible, enjoy one cup of coffee before lunchtime. Experiment by removing caffeine altogether and notice how the removal of caffeine affects the quality of your sleep.


Meditation is a frequent topic nowadays, how can you benefit from it as a freelancer? Include a 5 minutes meditation routine to your schedule every morning. Meditation allows you to relax and clear your mind thus preparing your brain for a new day. If you practice it daily, you should no longer feel restless and unproductive. All you need is to take a deep breath and focus on yourself, and this will give you a positive mindset daily.


There are a lot of good things in life that go unnoticed. Most of in our society today do not know how to appreciate what they have or what they have achieved. In most cases, they are focused on meeting targets and aiming higher. When something doesn’t work, they feel stressed.

Preparing a gratitude list might be common advice but do not ignore it. It will help you positively handle anxiety. Try this. List down at least ten things you are grateful every morning before you get to work. Focus on the positive side of life and let go of the negativity that will always drag you into trouble and stressful situations. This should only take less than 5 minutes so you will still have time to meet your targets.


This may sound awkward, but it works. If you have a boyfriend who works remotely, make use of him. If he works at a consultancy company that barely micromanages employees, he probably has a sense of self-discipline. You two need to check on each other quite often.

You need to find out whether your daily or weekly targets are met. How is the progress so far? Is there anything that stresses you? When you have someone to talk to when you feel under pressure, you find a way of releasing the negative energy and unnecessary worries. Find someone who will keep you motivated throughout. Your partner can send a thoughtful message via email or phone, and it will go a long way in creating a positive mindset about everything in life.


Most people just prepare a to-do list, but they rarely follow it. What’s the point of developing such a list if you do nothing about it? Purpose to do what you put into writing. For instance, promise yourself to meditate, publish an article, practise yoga, workout and to update your portfolio.

If you frame your responsibilities, you will feel complete and satisfied when you achieve them. This way, you are also more likely to plan your time well so that you finish everything within a given period. Most freelancers do not purpose to do specific tasks, so they end up wasting time on less important things and not meeting deadlines thus leading to the stressful last minute rush. This strategy will get you more organised and happy about your achievements.

All these are simple things to do. You just need to develop a habit, and you are good to go. What do you think will best work for you? Once you identify it, try to incorporate it into your daily routine, and you will be more productive, feel energised, and less stressed about your work. Challenge yourself today, and you will never look back. You will love your new way of life without anxiety.