How To Achieve Your Fitness Goals Without Going To The Gym

Achieving your fitness goals can, at times, be challenging. Especially if you are on a tight budget, hate gyms, work at your desk all day and have very little time. We all know it’s essential to exercise regularly.  I wonder how many of us are working out daily?  Here are just a few health benefits to exercising daily.

Health Benefits Of Exercising 

  1. Lowers your blood pressure and resting heart rate.

  2. Healthier cholesterol levels.

  3. Makes us happier. Your brain runs on a chemical cocktail. When you work out, all the chemicals that make you feel good are released.

  4. Supports your immune system to be much more resilient.

  5. Exercise helps you stay younger for longer. Working out slows your ageing process and keeps your body mentally and physically sharp.

It can be challenging for all of us to maintain motivation and dedication to stay fit. There are always days when you won’t be able to find the time to schedule in a proper workout.

Fitness Goals

Last year I stumbled across a fitness app called Aaptiv.  Aaptiv skyrocketed to the top of Apple’s health and fitness category.  I find this app stands out from the rest.   Aaptiv has a team of seventy-employees and is snowballing.  Aaptiv offers thousands of trainer-led, music-driven audio fitness workouts so you can work out when, where and the way you want.  Take classes on a treadmill, outdoor running, yoga, strength training, and so much more.  Whether you’re at home or the office, many of Aaptiv’s classes require zero equipment.  It makes Aaptiv perfect for anyone on a tight schedule that can’t afford a trip to the gym.

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How You Can Enjoy Aaptiv

You sign up and download the Aaptiv app - free for the first month!  Check out the Aaptiv filter. You can find the perfect workout based on your type, difficulty, trainer, a genre of music and time.  It is like having a trainer right next to you. Your own real-life personal trainer, encouraging you to push harder, keep taking deep breaths and correcting your posture. You’ll also never get bored with Aaptiv’s workouts. 15 active trainers create more than 30 classes of new classes every week, so you’ll never run out of an exercise to do and can stay motivated. In summary, Aaptiv is an excellent audio-fitness app that you can use anywhere to help you achieve your fitness goals and one that can’t come more highly recommended!

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Aaptiv provides unlimited access to audio-based fitness classes, programs, and challenges created by expert trainers. There is a wide variety of workouts for cardio, strength, meditation and more. Exercises paired with amazing playlists composed of songs you love for inspiring and useful music-driven experiences.

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More than 2,500 classes are available on the platform.  20 active trainers create new workouts each week.  More than 50 types of workouts are added to the Aaptiv platform every week.

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For US$14.99 a month or US$99.99 for the year, members get unlimited, on-demand access to classes in running, cycling, elliptical, strength training, stair climbing, yoga, meditation and so much more.

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Wherever individuals prefer to work out, at the gym, at home, on the road for business.  Aaptiv classes can be taken anywhere, at any time.

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Among the most popular categories for fitness classes are running, elliptical, race training, strength training, and indoor cycling.  People have used Aaptiv for long-term goals such as training for the NYC Marathon and getting back into shape during maternity leave.  Plans provide members with unlimited access to workouts so that they can try classes in any category, without the pressure or commitment of a conventional gym fitness class.

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Most fitness solutions expect people to change their programs and routines.  Aaptiv lets people choose the workout types and locations they prefer, and “meets” each member on their fitness journey.  Trainers produce workout classes that suit the needs of people at every stage of fitness: novice, beginner, intermediate, or advanced.  A Facebook community of more than 22,000 devoted Aaptiv members regularly interact with trainers to learn about how they can get even more out of their workouts.

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With more than 200,000 active paying customers, Aaptiv brings the best fitness training in the world to everyone, whether they prefer to exercise at a gym, outdoors, at home, or a combination of the three.  Aaptiv’s appeal is thereby quite broad and not limited to any one type of community.  Keep the workout that suits you, but learn how to get more out of it.

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As little as thirty minutes of activity every day of the week offers your body some pretty amazing changes. Collaboration.