Hoarders 101: Out With The Old And In With The New

Hoarders, generally speaking, are reluctant to let go of physical belongings that we have accumulated over time. The extreme of this condition is called hoarding, and maybe you know it’s likely that you’ve seen one or two documentaries detailing the lives of individuals with homes overflowing with unnecessary possessions. But keeping belongings doesn’t necessarily have to reach this level of disorder to become a burden or inconvenient.


In fact, many of us hold onto items that we will never use again without even realising it. We will look at damaged goods or ripped clothes and convince ourselves that we will fix or mend them when we get a chance - but that chance never seems to come around. Some of us attach sentimental value to too many things and end up with clutter by those means. Some of us don’t spring clean our homes regularly enough and end up with a whole host of bits and bobs building up. If this sounds familiar, no matter what the reasoning behind your build-up of junk, it’s essential for your well being, happiness, and the general standard of living that you practice the old saying - “out with the old and in with the new”. Here’s how!


One category of items that many of us find it hard to let go of our appliances. Appliances tend to be big purchases. They cost a lot of money and are something we begrudgingly replace when they do stop working. Many of us will claim that we will send them off for repair rather than fork out for a new and updated version. But the truth is that unless you have insurance on the appliances, transporting and repairing them can prove costly. Instead, if you have Got a Broken Washing Machine or Dryer, or another device, you should use professional removers to dispose of it responsibly and purchase a new one.


We tend to end up with plenty of clothes throughout our lifetime. But if you’ve noticed that your wardrobe is overflowing and quickly growing into floordrobe of sorts, it may be time to filter through what’s hot and what’s not. If you haven’t worn a particular item for longer than two months, you probably don’t need it anymore. If you’ve grown out of it or have lost weight and it’s now too loose, let go of them - keep what fits. Work out what you no longer want to keep.  Refrain from throwing the items in the bin. If they’re in excellent condition and clean, there are others out there who might make good use of them. So donate them to charity stores!

These are just two of many ways that you can remove the old from your life and make space for the new, but they’re incredibly useful and a brilliant place to start. Not only will they organise your own life, making your home more organised and a more pleasant place to live, but by clearing out, you can help others too. Contributed Content.