Healthy Hacks For Time Poor Business Owners

An excellent diet and proper exercise often become a mere distant thought of most business owners. As busy as you are, actually 'busy' probably doesn't come close to how your lifestyle is, the implications of poor, healthy habits will have an adverse effect, not only to you personally but also to your business.

All you may need to do is make a few new changes every day. Set yourself small achievable tasks. Before you know it a month will have passed, and some of your poor lifestyle and diet choices may be a thing of the past.

Time management may be one of the reasons preventing you from exercising. Those starting a business can spend approximately 50 hours each week at work, so they don’t get time to shop for healthy foods or to workout. It is now time to do things differently.


Most business owners give arduously long explanations of why they do not engage in physical activities. You have probably heard them talk about tiredness, having little extra time, claims that organic food is expensive, spending extra time with the kids, and of course, being too stressed, among other excuses. Continual complaining will continue if they don’t change their attitude and strategy.


Convince yourself that you have to be healthy and you will find a way. What physical activities do you like? It is always advisable to engage in activities that you could love such as walking, biking, swimming, dancing, strength training, yoga, jogging among so many other ways of moving your body. Reading about the benefits of going to the gym is a great motivation and inspiration, but you may give up after a while if your heart is not into it. Find your 'why'. Every time your mind starts getting negative and finding excuses quieten the noise in your head with your why. For instance your why might be to get that happy and positive mind going, moving your body, feeling better about yourself, gaining clarity, losing weight, looking fit and toned, working out with your partner for some quality time, gosh the list could go on and on.


Establishing a time management plan will help you avoid making excuses. If you work online, you may be tempted to work for long hours to earn more. It shouldn’t be that way. Have a fixed time for different tasks. For instance, you may set aside 30 minutes for running before you go to work each morning. Avoid wasting time on social media platforms. Save time by engaging in activities that are relevant to your business, which will give you enough extra time for physical exercises. Invest in one of the best workout apps. We love Aaptiv! We have 9 x free 30-day guest passes available so you can check out all the highly professional trainers and workouts. Workouts include boxing, yoga, walking, treadmill, elliptical, indoor cycling, stretching, meditation, outdoor running, strength training, stair climber, and rowing. 


A nourishingly healthy diet full of nutritious foods which suit your body is another highly effective way of keeping fit, full of vitality and a sharp mind. Plan your meals, and maybe you might find it helpful if you prepare your meals in advance. Be creative with your diet to ensure that you enjoy it otherwise you will end up eating junk foods. Drink more water on a daily basis and eat more fruit, vegetables, healthy fats and good quality protein. Reduce your intake of carbohydrates and unhealthy fats, and you will fall in love with your body.

Feeling fit and toned gives most business owners more confidence and strength to execute all the daily tasks of being a business owner.