Have Your Healthiest Summer Yet

If you are someone that is tired of the summer season being all about the dread of getting a bathing suit on, then this post is for you. There are so many fun and healthy aspects to summer, that it shouldn’t become a time when all you can think about is restricting what you eat or having anxiety about wearing a bikini in public.

Fresh produce is abundant at this time of year, beautiful colours all around, and more seasonal food is much more affordable too. The weather, for the most part, and depending on where you live, is perfect for being outdoors much more, walking, swimming, biking, and enjoying those long daylight hours.

Planning A Holiday

If you have vacations planned over the summer, which is pretty common, then you have some to relax a little, be with friends or family, be more active and de-stress a little. It gives you the chance to indulge in some of your hobbies too, that you might not normally have much of a chance to do most of the time.

So with summer being here, hopefully, getting in full swing, it is a really great time to set yourself some healthy goals and embrace any new opportunities that you have to eat well and get a little fitter. So with all of that in mind, here are some ideas and tips to help you to be motivated over summer, as well as inspire you to have your healthiest summer yet.

Farmer's Market

If you want to embrace the summer and all of its fresh produce, to be able to indulge in food that is in season, then heading to the farmer’s market is such a good idea. You can get your hands on things like leafy greens, zucchini, corn, green beans, fresh berries, and stone fruits, which makes eating well over the summer much easier. Food in season will taste best, and be full of lots of goodness. Plus, it can be a fun day out for all, and often cheaper than the grocery store too.

If you do manage to find a local farmer’s market, then another thing that you can do over the summer to have a happy and healthy summer is to make salad your main course meal a few times a week. You are likely to want to have these light and cool meals in the summer anyway, due to the weather, but being able to use the bounty of fresh foods that are in season. An amazing salad choice is topping a green salad with corn, tomatoes, strawberries, fets, and avocado; delicious.

Start With A Healthy Breakfast

You have probably heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and that is quite true. You will have been fasting overnight, so your body will be ready for plenty of goodness, but fuelling your body in the right way in the morning will help you get through it. Your energy levels will be up when you’ve had a good breakfast and filled your body will goodness. Overnight oats are something that is a great choice at this time of the year, rather than porridge, as you can top them with in-season berries, as well as nuts and seeds. You can also make it more protein-packed with strained yoghurt or ricotta cheese if you are looking to keep fuller for longer. Cherries make a great topping too, and it is cherry season right now.


There may be a lot of gadgets that you have in your kitchen that will hardly get any use, and that is not what you need. However, there is one kitchen gadget that you can use quite a lot; you just need to know how to use it. Vegetable spiralizers are a great thing to have in the kitchen for summer, as it helps to make your meals lighter and fresher, rather than opting for winter comfort foods. The good news is that they are really inexpensive, so they can be affordable for many people. How do you use it, though? You can make veggie spaghetti, with things like zucchini, as well as making other veggie pasta, like carrot, and even sweet potato and squash.

Sip On Iced Tea

To help you stay hydrated over summer, then water is the obvious choice. But there are plenty of other ways to keep hydrated that can mix things up a little. It can be a good idea to make up some unsweetened iced tea that can be in the fridge and ready to grab when you want something different from water. You can also get some cold brew teas, that you can just put in a glass or a water bottle, and leave to diffuse, making the water slightly flavoured. It is such a good idea to help to stay hydrated and mix up what you are drinking. Plus, if you want to switch up the flavour each week, you won’t get bored and will stick to be being healthy and hydrated. And as we know, staying hydrated is so important at all times of the year, but especially in the summer heat.

Plan & Adventure

Summer is a great time to travel, so have you got anything planned yet? Even if your budget isn’t extending to going too far from home, there are day trips and days out that you can plan for your summer, to make it exciting and giving you the chance to try something new. But in order to have your healthiest time when you are away, here are some tips to help you.

  • As soon as you know where you are going away, it is a good idea to get planning and look at ways to keep safe when you are there. If you are travelling to Africa or South America, for example, then would you need something like a yellow fever vaccine or a malaria vaccine? That should be your starting point, so you can give yourself the best chance to be as healthy as can be when you’re away.

  • Take precautions on the flight. If you are flying, then flights really can be dehydrating as the air pressure is literally just what you need. It can dry your skin out and leave you feeling generally a bit icky unless you make sure that you keep yourself hydrated. So drink up on long flights, as well as using something like a moisturiser, and keep yourself moving on the flight too (you’re likely to need a few trips to the bathroom if you’re drinking a lot of water anyway).

  • Eating well when you are away is key to feeling well and keeping well. There will be some local foods that you will want to try, but be cautious about where you get the food from. You don’t want to end up with a sickness bug because of eating some bad food, as that can lead to things like dehydration.

  • Getting enough sleep is something that is important at any time, but it is so important when you travel too, especially if you are in a place where you could be facing jet lag. Make sure that you are cool, comfortable, and avoid things like TV and your phone screen too close to bedtime.

Enjoy A Daily Walk

In summer, the days are longer and because of those extra hours of lightness, it is easier to have more time for exercise and moving more. So if that is something that you struggle to fit in most of the time, then you do have a few more hours in the summertime. So it might be early in the morning, as the sun rises early, or into the evening, as the sun doesn’t set until late into the day. If you aim for a short walk each day, even thirty minutes a day can make a difference in how you feel, your weight, and your energy levels. Just remember to keep things cooler, early mornings or late nights can be better to do that.

Limit Television

If you are looking to have your healthiest and happiest summer, then taking a break from TV is something that can help you to do just that. Reducing your screen time can give you more time for other things, especially like being more active and being able to be outdoors much more. You could start by cutting down on evening television viewing and then spend that time outdoors, with your family, being in the yard or doing garden work, biking, running or generally engaging in conversation with friends and family members.

On a similar note, how about embracing some more time outdoors and eating your meals al fresco? Make a plan and a decision that you will sit down to a family meal in your yard at least once a week, for example. You can talk, eat good food, and eat more mindfully when you are away from the usual distractions. Here’s to having your happiest summer yet! Collaboration.