Can Changing Your Home Office Make You Fitter?

Changing your home office can make a big difference to your overall wellbeing and fitness. Ultimately, staying on top of your fitness regime takes a lot of time and effort, primarily if you work in an office.  Food isn’t a major problem in your life.  Most people are in a position to understand the basics of nutrition and ensure that they feed their body with the best possible food. As surprising as it might sound, your desk is the main issue.  

Your office is an obstacle to a fit lifestyle. Indeed, most people spend on average 10 to 12 hours sitting at their desk, five days a week.  When you’re not sitting at your desk, you might be sitting in front of the TV or sitting in your car.  In short, the human body spends a lot of tie in a sitting position, which is a pity because it’s a body that is naturally made to walk and stay active.  As a result, a sedentary desk lifestyle can increase the risk of heart diseases, obesity, and diabetes, without mentioning depression.  It’s time to build an active office to make sure your time spent at the desk can be part of your healthy lifestyle and fitness.  


On average, if you have a home office, you’re likely to spend half your day at the desk. Indeed, people who work from home tend to work more extended hours than employees who need to commute to their workplace. As a result, home workers have less time to dedicate to maintaining their fitness regime.  The best approach to stay fit without giving away too many hours out of your day is to exercise at home, and more precisely in your home office.  Can you transform your working space into a place that keeps your body healthy while you work?  Ultimately, if the home office can fulfil two functions at the same time, you don’t need to worry about how your desk work career can affect your health.


The preferred solution for home-based workers is to opt for a standing desk, which forces you to stand on your feet all day and ultimately encourages the body to stay active and burn calories as you work.  However, the switch from a sitting to a standing position can be challenging, and you might experience fatigue during the first days.  You need to give yourself the time to adjust to your new desk. You can also use a few tips to make it more comfortable.  An anti-fatigue mat can reduce the pressure on your feet, which reduces pain.  Additionally, you should ease into a standing routine.  You can’t stand comfortably for 8 to 10 hours if you’ve spent a lifetime sitting at a desk.  You need to get used to it!


Not all jobs require you to be using a laptop all the time. For instance, if you work in a creative sector where you need to spend just as much time thinking as you use your office equipment, there’s nothing that forces you to stay at the desk.  Why not shop for air bikes so that you can cycle to transform your thinking time into an active workout?  It makes sure that you keep your brain oxygenated through the exercise, and your muscles activated during the day.


Admittedly, if you need to be typing and checking emails all the time, an air bike is not suitable for your home office.  But that doesn’t mean you should stay idle.  You can look for a desk that is combined to a treadmill so that you can keep active as you work.  If you’re looking for weight loss, a treadmill desk can help you lose up to 7.5 pounds a year, which isn’t a dramatic change but can help you to stay healthy.


It’s so easy to grab a pack of biscuits and leave it on your desk when there’s nobody around to judge.  Home-based workers can easily over eat as they work, and, more worryingly, they don’t notice it!  So, to keep you focused all day, you need to prepare healthy snacks.  Fruit and cheese is a delicious combination that makes a perfect mid-morning snack.  You can also arrange a bowl of nuts.  Don’t pack too many as nuts are very rich in calories.  Nuts give you a boost before lunch.

Changing your home office settings can considerably improve your health.  From sitting at a desk with a pack of sugary treats to using a treadmill desk while eating an apple.  There is a massive improvement in lifestyle, fitness, and health.  But as with each life transformation, you need to give yourself the time to get used to something new. Collaboration.