Actionable Steps To Build Your Self-Confidence

Some people seem to brim with self-confidence. Their cup runneth over, so to speak. They never seem to show signs of fear. They never seem to worry about what other people think of them. And they never seem to allow limitations get in the way of personal success.

Of course, those people who do seem to be ultra-confident may be nervous and anxious on the inside. It might be that they are simply able to hide the way they feel. On the other hand, they might have fought against any negative feelings, and come out stronger at the other end. 

So, what about you?  Do you have issues with your self-confidence? If so, you don't have to live with any negative mindsets forever. By taking actionable steps, you can improve the way you feel and overcome any difficulties that low self-confidence can cause. You can then be that person who is stronger, less fearful, and more confident. 

Here are just a few suggestions to help you get there. 

1: Think about who you want to be

Using visualisation exercises, imagine yourself as the person you want to be. Picture the ideal you, one that is full of confidence, who has overcome their limitations, and who has managed to achieve their personal goals. By repeating these pictures in your mind, you might actually start to take on this persona in your personal life, not only because you will have an idea of the way you want to speak and act, but because you will have an understanding of what you might need to do to achieve a more confident state. Check the linked article and research other visualisation exercises online. 

2: Manage the issues that derail your self-confidence

Quite often, there are factors in our lives that affect the way we feel about ourselves. It could be a so-called friend who puts us down more than lifts us up. It could be something about our physical appearances, such as problems with our teeth and skin. And it could be feelings of self-doubt after experiencing failure in some aspects of our lives. 

While there is no magic potion to improve the way we feel (not even that bottle of wine that many of us turn to when we're feeling rubbish), we can still do something to manage the issues that cause us to suffer from low self-confidence. We can ditch the friends who hurt us, or we can let them know how their words and actions affect us. We can look for the best dentist to help us with our dental issues and find those skin treatments that will improve the way we look. And, despite the challenge of doing so, we can try again at things we have failed at, in the hope that this time, we might experience success. 

So, thinking about the issues that derail your self-confidence, do something about them, instead of letting them take over the way you live your everyday life. 

3: Push yourself out of your comfort zone

It can be easy to remain in our comfort zones, especially when the alternative is to risk failure. But think about what that does to us. While we can live a comfortable life this way, we will never have the opportunity to confront our fears, and we will never have the opportunity to grow. There are times when to be that confident person, we need to push ourselves more. Or, if we struggle to motivate ourselves to step out, we should surround ourselves with people who will encourage us to leave our comfort zones.

So, think about your life. What are your comfort zones? What goals have you failed to achieve because of your lack of confidence? Rather than live a life of regrets, overcome your fears by confronting them head-on. Sure, you might fall flat on your face, but at least you will have tried. On the other hand, you might succeed at something, and that will do wonders for your levels of self-confidence. 

4: Silence your inner critic

We have all suffered from the harsh words of another, but sometimes, it isn't other people we need to shut out from our lives. Sometimes, it is that inner voice that we need to silence. This is the voice that tells us we don't look as good as other people. This is the voice that tells us we aren't as good as others. And this is the voice that reminds us of our weaknesses. But here's the thing. As with those harsh words that others have spoken into our lives, the words delivered to us by our inner critic could be unfounded or untrue. The voice might also be an echo of the negative people that have pervaded our lives. 

So, here's what you need to do. The next time your inner critic becomes overactive, think about the validity of those negative thoughts and question them. Are people really better than you? Are you really such a failure? Some people will be better than you at certain things, yes, but that doesn't mean they are superior to you. And yes, there will be times that you have failed in life, but that doesn't mean you're a complete failure. Turn around the negative words that permeate into your mind, and remind yourself of the good things about yourself. Remind yourself of the talents you possess. And remind yourself of the many things you have achieved in life. In short, turn that inner critic into an inner encourager, and be kinder to yourself


Of course, we know becoming more confident can be easier said than done. We can't overcome our negative self-beliefs overnight. However, by making an effort to improve the way we feel on a regular basis, greater feelings of self-confidence might start to form naturally. So, consider our suggestions and practice them in your life. And then consider other things you might need to do to improve the way you feel about yourself. Because after all, the alternative is doing nothing, and that is no good for you now, or in the long-term. 

Take care, and thanks for reading. Collaboration.