Making Healthier Choices But Don't Know Where To Start

At this time of year, most of us are trying to make healthier choices but knowing where to start can throw most of us into a whirlwind of confusion.  Along with a host of other suggestions for improving your health try integrating healthy fats into your diet? Using ghee, MCT oil, coconut butter, and avocado oil seem to make an enormous difference.


Ghee is clarified butter that is made from a lightly simmered milk fat. It is made by filtering impurities such as water and other solid substances that may be present in milk. In the due process, lactose is separated leaving out highly purified medicinal oil known as ghee. At room temperature, the refined oil solidifies.

Ghee has an appealing flavour and can be used to boost your health to out-of-this-world stature. In countries like India, ghee has been used for many decades and is a highly prized food product; thanks to its numerous health benefits. Ghee has profoundly healthy nutrients that don’t only apply to newborns but can also be beneficial to adults.

Ghee is essential for brain nourishment and some experts suggest it may help with the development of a healthy functioning brain. It forms a class of high-quality saturated oils that are the most robust sources of brain ‘food.’ It is rich in cholesterol which is an essential brain-boosting nutrient though most media platforms have wrongly demonised this vital component. It is important to note that cholesterol is good for brain development in small dosages. Besides, ghee contains choline and omega-3 fatty acids that are equally important for brain development. Ghee is also rich in vitamins and minerals that are necessary for better work performance.


MCT oil is made up of short-length triglycerides which are essential for the processing of body fats. It is often added to smoothies, salad dressings, and coffee to boost their nutritional content. MCT oil is mainly extracted from coconut oil which has terrific health benefits to the user.

MCT oil can be used to promote healthy weight loss. It enhances the secretion of peptide YY and leptin that support the feeling of fullness in the body. Research has shown that taking two tablespoons of MCT oil can reduce the urge of eating large food portions. This, in turn, encourages a healthy weight loss and prevents you from obsessing.

Moreover, MCT oil provides an instant energy source that can be used to improve brain performance. It has been nicknamed ‘super fuel’ because its short-chain triglycerides can be easily absorbed into the body system. Furthermore, they contain more carbons that can be easily broken down and fuel the brain’s functions.

It can also be used to fight yeast and bacterial growth. MCT oil reduces the growth of Candida albicans which is responsible for many skin infections. Its suppress their growth to about 25% and thus using MCT oil can make you have a flawless skin free of rashes and other skin infections caused by bacterial growth. MCT oil plays a huge role in reducing heart-related diseases because it can be easily broken down and get absorbed into the body system. Its consumption has many benefits that are essential for the body’s perfect performance.


Coconut butter is made by blending the entire dried coconut kernel. It contains fibre, magnesium, fat, and iron; usually 60%oil and 40% fibre. Lactic acid can be extracted from coconut butter. The acid plays a vital role in boosting the general immunity of the body. It is responsible for fighting pathogens, viruses, and other bacteria which may be harmful to the body. Therefore, using coconut butter boosts the overall body immunity and makes it safe against attacks from foreign pathogens that are not fit for the body.

Coconut butter can also be used for a healthy weight loss. It increases the body’s metabolism and hence breaks excess body fats which if not broken down can lead to uncontrollable weight gain. Also, coconut butter has the fats that are necessary for the body and thus if you take two teaspoons of coconut butter; you might notice a difference in a span less than two weeks.

Besides, coconut butter is a great moisturiser that penetrates deep layers of the skin, strengthening the inner tissues, and thus acts as an anti-ageing product. If you use it for some time, you’ll start noticing an improvement in the skin’s appearance, and it will become more flawless.


Avocado oil is rich in essential fatty acids and vitamins. It is famous for making flavorful-healthy meals. Behind avocado oil lie numerous health benefits than what people may think. It can be used to heal the skin and give it a natural-flawless look. Avocado oil has protein, and vitamins A, D, and E that have a moisturising ability that prevents the skin from cracking. They also prevent the penetration of harmful UV rays that can cause real damage to the skin. Moreover, avocado oils have linoleic acid and oleic acid that can enhance wound healing.

Avocado oil can be used as a lotion for damaged skin or as facial oil moisturiser. Apply a thin layer of the oil to the area of concern and wash it off with warm water after 10-15 minutes. It can be used as an anti-ageing product that will help your skin to remain younger.