3 Destinations To Wake Up Your Bloggers Soul

Bloggers like to write. That is, in fact, the very core of their existence. A blogger lives to share their views and stories and to entertain a readership.  A blogger or freelance digital copywriter is, after all, a kind of writer, and consequently can also suffer from one of the most dreaded writer’s disease: the writer’s block. What happens when you sit down at your keyboard, and you can’t even begin to think of a story to tell?  Nothing happens.  Your blog dies out, slowly, silently. You need to revive your creativity, to appeal to your blogger’s soul.  You need to see new things.  In other words, you need to travel to cure your writer’s block.  Travelling is by far the best remedy for small ideas.  Not only does it make you see the world in all its complexity and magic, but it also throws you in the middle of new cultures and mindsets.  Think of it as trying on different pairs of glasses that highlight a variety of colours and shapes that you otherwise wouldn’t see.  Here are some of the best destinations to cure your blank blog posts!


Sri Lanka takes you at the heart of a spiritual and cultural centre that can affect profoundly how you perceive your surroundings.  If you want to stop your blog posts to sound dull and – dare we say – a little superficial, a trip to the mesmerising beauty of the southeastern country can be your wakeup call.  You can find plenty of affordable accommodations in the area – family-run guesthouses are a must as you can get a taste of the real sense of hospitality of the population.  But more importantly, the more you get to meet people, the more you can understand how their long history has defined who they are and how they choose to interact with each other.  It’s a lesson a humility and humanity.


Australia is by definition the wild country that makes you fully appreciate wildlife.  However, where the wildlife is at its best is around the Great Barrier Reef, by the northeast coast of Queensland.  You might need to be careful if you intend to dive and explore, as there are endangered species – including the coral itself.  But you can plan a trip along the Whitsunday Islands which lie just between the coast and the coral reef.  Plan a stop by Daydream Island which is a dream for beach lovers and sailing enthusiasts.  You can dive into a world of colours and sea life!


There is more to do and see in Tokyo than in any other city in the world.  With a combination of modern and old, Tokyo is a dream place for any blogger who enjoys the sci-fi and steampunk universe.  On the same day, you can play a game of Pachinko (Japanese arcade game) and watch a traditional sumo match.  If that doesn’t inspire you to embrace an innovative style, nothing will! Have you read 100 Best Things To Do In Japan?

Are you looking for a better understanding of people, an insight into the forces of nature or just to embrace your inner geek? Travelling can help you to remove your writing blockages and renew your inspiration.  See the world to blog better. Collaboration.