Business Functions You Can Now Outsource

Running a business is expensive. You have to spend a small fortune on wages, services, and vendors just to be able to create a product, let alone sell it for a profit. 

Entrepreneurs know about this, and so they’re increasingly looking for ways to help other founders get their businesses off on the right foot by providing support services. 

Outsourcing has become big business. It allows companies to pay a low, predictable monthly fee and get a service in return that is usually much higher quality than the one that they could have got in-house. 

Here are some of the business functions you won’t believe that you can now outsource. 


You might think that research is pretty straightforward. You hop onto the internet, type your search terms into Google, and then wait for the answer to pop up. 

But if you want to conduct meaningful research into something technical or not widely known, then trying to do it yourself is a nightmare. You often don’t know where to look, and even if you do, you don’t understand it. 

Researcher, however, is now something that you can outsource to professionals over the internet. There are legions of freelancers lining up on sites like Fiverr and Elance, waiting to take on complex projects that your company needs. Thus, you don’t have to hire somebody on a temporary contract to get the benefits. 

Answering Your Phone

If you run a small business, there are an enormous number of demands on your time. It’s not always possible for you to pick up the phone and speak to somebody while doing your work at the same time. Our brains aren’t wired that way. 

Answering the phone, therefore, comes with a cost. You either have to stop what you’re doing to take the call or carry on with your tasks and risk missing an opportunity to sell. 

In general, it is small businesses will benefit most from a phone answering service. It helps them to appear more professional while ensuring that prospects do not slip through the net. Remember, many of these services answer your phone 24 hours per day, every day of the week, allowing you to take calls, when and where you like. 

Presentation Preparation

Do you have to pitch to clients or investors? If you do, presentation preparation services could help. These companies will help prepare a presentation for you, so long as you give them the correct brief. Again, you can either go to an agency with full-time employees or rely on the services of freelancers who understand how to put together a great pitch. 


While you can try to manage reservations yourself, it’s a giant hassle. The more reservations you make, the less time you have to spend with actual clients. 

While you can get automated booking services, they’re never quite as good as having a real human in the loop making the bookings. Appointment and reservation outsourcing is an ideal task to delegate to a virtual assistant, massively increasing your ability to focus on the job in hand. Collaboration.

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