Why Your Business Needs Twitter For Customer Support

Most successful companies are active users of Twitter. You should not ignore the benefits of having a Twitter account for your business. There are more than 330 million users of this social media platform monthly from all across the world. Here are some of the ways your business can benefit from Twitter.

Customer Support

Gone are the days when you used to call a company to inform them of various relevant issues. Now, you can publicly reach out to a company on social media. Since companies don’t want negative reviews or publicity, they quickly respond to complaints. Twitter is one a popular platform for responding to any customer complaints you may receive in a timely manner. By promptly responding to your customer complaints you will gain the trust of your clients and build the reputation of your business.

Building Relationships

Do you want industry experts to acknowledge your business? Maybe you have tried to reach out to some professionals through Facebook or email and found out how difficult it is. Twitter is an excellent platform where you can build relationships with leaders whose opinion count. Mention them, answer their questions, ask questions, and curate their content.

Expanding Your Customer Base

Twitter users are spread all over the world, as are all social media users and as with other social media platforms Twitter is excellent for easily attracting people from other parts of the world. You can start a Twitter chat that is scheduled for a specific time. During that time, you can discuss various issues with consumers and track their replies. Through responding to relevant queries, consumers are in a better position to understand your business and what you offer.

Creative Competitions

This is yet another way Twitter helps to build your audience. You can give users who Tweet your products discounts or promo codes. These competitions attract more customers to your business thus increasing profitability.