Why Are Your Skilled Employees Leaving You?

Employees leaving is one of the worst scenarios.  When you run your own business, you can’t fail to notice how much you rely on your employees. They are, after all, your most significant assets regarding creativity, innovation and productivity. That’s why, when they quit, it can be so difficult to find the perfect person to replace them. From a business owner’s point of view, you also need to face doubts and questions when one of your employees decides to quit: Why do they leave and more critically was there anything you could have done to stop them from moving? Let’s take a look at why do employees leave?


Ultimately; one needs to accept that employees choose to quit for a variety of reasons, whether they are dealing with personal issues or want to start a new career. However, it would be foolish to assume that the employer is not a part of their reasoning. In fact, most employees quit because of something their employer failed to do. Knowing you are in control most of the time means that you can actively take the responsibility to improve your workplace. It can be challenging to find out what’s wrong with the company, as a lot of employees don’t feel safe about answering the question honestly when they quit. But maybe it’s easier to determine with employees who stay what the pros and cons of your organisation are.


Most of your employees, if they are trying to move their career forward, will be looking at opportunities to grow their competence. To enable them to take more risks in future decisions because they can better understand the options and opportunities that are available to them. But ultimately, competence training should fall under your responsibility. Your most skilled personnel is in managerial positions. If you want to make sure that they don’t back off under the challenges, you need to accompany them through their training and help them to master the essential know-how.


It seems like an obvious statement, but Health & Safety regulations are there for a reason. Work accidents caused by non-respect of the H&S rules, it’s important to set regular checks and training in place. Additionally, protection extends to office furniture and insurance. You need to get in touch with professional insurance brokers to find out the best package for you and your team, from business insurance to health insurance and business car cover. What about your furniture? Your staff sits up to 10 hours a day at a desk: They deserve quality furniture that reduces back pains.


What do your employees get from you? Admittedly, there’s the matter of wages. But what else do you give them that they couldn’t find elsewhere? Perks keep employees engaged and satisfied. Flexible working hours is an attractive perk that is key to keep talent in-house. Additionally providing a healthy work/life balance with generous parental leave and on-site health services is essential to maintain high motivation. You can’t force people to stay because the perks are good. But they can help you to implement better work ambience in the long term.

If you ignore the lousy boss scenario, most employees leave your company because of one of these reasons: They don’t feel they are learning enough; employees don’t feel the company is safe, and staff don’t get the perks they need. Collaboration. 

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