When Your Audience Doesn't Want To Read

In a day and age when blogging can boost your business presence, there’s nothing more devastating than discovering that your target audience is not that interested in reading long text online anymore. Especially if you are a health copywriter. If your Google Analytics data show little to no progress, you might want to change your strategy. Visitors who spend only a handful of seconds on each page are becoming a common occurrence all around the world.

It doesn’t mean that people are not keen to purchase your products or services. But, digital multitasking has created new web navigation habits. Most online users constantly switch through tabs and channels. As a result, the typical web user has developed an attention span of fewer than 12 seconds; in other words, your regular goldfish can maintain its focus longer than digital visitors.

That’s precisely why long articles don’t work – there are exceptions, of course, if you’re writing a technical text or dealing with returning visitors. People don’t engage with blog articles the way they used to. So, if you want to capture the attention of the digital goldfish, you need to find a way of sharing informative content without making them read. Use your podcast to increase your reach


Youtube is one of the popular online platforms for bloggers, businesses, and independent professionals. It’s easy to understand why: How many times have you found yourself watching videos of cats for hours after you’ve turned to YouTube to find a tutorial on how to set up your new gadget? We naturally engage with videos, which makes them the ideal format to introduce your business and your services to new clients. However, unless you’re an experienced vlogger, it’s best to leave the filming and editing to experts such as Rocket Productions, who can help you to create an appealing video. You often don’t need more than a handful of minutes to welcome your visitors onto your site. Using an embedded video on the homepage or as a regular update on your blog can be a game-changer!  


There’s no denying that images can attract your target audience just as effectively as words. In fact, it’s a surprise to nobody that articles with images are more likely to capture the attention of your readers. But, if you want to embrace your visitors’ no-read approach, you need to maximize visuals and minimize texts. For instance, a visual portfolio that displays photos and graphs of your achievements can be more successful than a written biography.


Have you considered using your voice instead of your fingers to convey your message? Podcasts have gained in popularity since they are the preferred content format for commuters. You will need to invest in quality equipment – you can’t use the microphone on your smartphone for this – to start your podcast, so it’s not a decision to take lightly. You will also need specialist software – however, you can get a professional setup for around $1,000. While it’s an investment, you’ll soon see a positive return in engagement and brand awareness.

The online world has transformed the way people interact with your content. While it’s not to say that blogging is dead, you need to adapt to appeal to new visitors who don’t engage with written texts anymore. From showing to telling, there are a few options that can boost your engagement rate and your business! Collaboration.