What On Earth Are You Supposed To Gift Your Boss?

It might be that you’ve been networking hard this year, or working hard in general. As such, you find yourself in conversations that you weren’t sure you were ever going to have. Someone you respected in your industry now follows you on Twitter, or perhaps you shared a few friendly words with your employer at the last staff awards ceremony. It’s gotten to the point where you are friendly, and you would like to keep that professional relationship up in order to potentially further your career. There’s nothing wrong with that.

Things are going well until you’re hit with a terrifying conundrum - just what on earth are you supposed to gift for your boss? His or her birthday may be coming up, or perhaps their anniversary at the firm, or a range of other celebrations you wish to help them celebrate with a carefully chosen gift. It can be easy to overthink this, but at the same time, it can be easy to underthink. So what, if any, level of thinking should you apply?

Let us consider:


Perhaps the strongest indicator of an appropriate boss-gift is something that reaffirms your respect for their position. Purchasing them a video games console, for example, is a little personal, as it dictates what they might have to do with their free time, or it assumes that they even give stock to this whatsoever. Items that reaffirm their executive nature can keep the relationship completely professional, and it also shows you’re not overstepping your place. Stationary, such as beautiful LAMY fountain pens are functional, can be used for a long, long time, look great and are the mark of any professional. The same goes for other stationery, but a pen is often the marker of an executive will, of something strong and stable. 


If you know that they are a fan of a certain sports team, or have expressed an interest in theatre, or suggest they are chained to the job, then it could be that purchasing them tickets to an event you’d think they’d like is worthwhile. Try to keep their executive nature in check of course. While there’s no inclination that someone who works as a business leader also has ultra-refined tastes, it’s important to ensure that you think they do. Purchasing them tickets to a pantomime or other show could suggest something silly. But a sports game? Or perhaps a theatre show? That could work well, and it has just enough impartiality that it doesn’t suggest anything. It can also come with the caveat that you’re not offended if they give the tickets out or cannot go themselves, provided they find some use for them. This can help you avoid gifting them a sense of obligation on top of your gift.


Sometimes, working hard is the only means to truly make use of your time with your boss. It could be that you volunteer to present at the next expo attendance your firm is planning, or there’s a need for overtime. While it’s not a direct gift to them, they will surely appreciate your extra efforts. 

With this advice, we hope gifting your boss is a little easier than it initially seems. Collaboration.

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