How To Find Work As A Freelance Writer

Freelancer writers write about a variety of topics.  Companies looking for a freelance copywriter often require writers to write on several content items for a vast range of their clients. Health and wellness is my jam, so naturally, the bulk of my clients are in the health and wellness industry. Other topics I love writing about include social media, business, blogging, content marketing, fitness, yoga, and hospitality.  I am always keen to work on new and exciting projects which are not in these fields.  I love variety and variety is the spice of life, so they say.


There are plenty of companies looking for writers who work remotely. Likewise, many fellow writers love the freedom and variety of working from home.  I love my office at home, but often you will find me switching it up by hiring a co-working space or working from my laptop in one of our groovy cafes spotted around the Sunshine Coast. Many freelance writers create profiles and find a vast array of remote jobs on sites such as Upwork, Freelancer, ProBlogger and Fiverr. These sites can sometimes present clients requiring an unreasonable amount of work done for a minimal rate. Choose your clients wisely.  These sites do however offer plenty of opportunities to gain valuable experience.


Landing beautiful writing jobs from respected companies globally is an excellent way of building your portfolio. The freelance writing industry is a challenging industry. Yes, there is plenty of demand for freelance writers, but landing a writing job that will pay the bills is slightly tricky. I have found that building my blog and specialising in a niche area has opened doors for me. I have been creating my blog for about two years while I have been health coaching. Building a health coaching business has been an exciting process. Health and wellness is a busy and highly competitive market. While learning the ropes of promoting my online gig through blogging and social media, I have found that it is this area of my work I love the most. I now do minimal health coaching. Instead, I love writing, promoting and growing other businesses.


Should freelance writers specialise is a question often asked. The answers are evenly divided.  I specialise in health and wellness because that is my area I have studied, practised and loved for years. I have contacts in this field, and I have built my portfolio within this area. So through default, I specialise. I am however noticing that more projects on business, blogging and social media topics are filtering in, which I am loving.

By specialising in one field, you should become known as an expert, which business owners find attractive.  Have you checked out Airtasker? Companies requiring articles written by an expert in their area are usually willing to pay higher rates, which although we love what we do and are passionate about elevating businesses with our winning content, we are after all trying to make money as well.