Using Data For A Fairer Workplace

One of the great challenges of our time is how to create a more equal, balanced, and fairer workplace. While there have been many advancements made when it comes to access to opportunities and pay for women, it’s also true that there is still a long way to go. Studies have shown that there’s still a 32% average wage gap between men and women across the globe.

Fairness Not Money

But this is about more than money: it’s about fairness. It’s about making the world a better place. And of course, it’s about unleashing the potential of all people on earth. While there are many people that will look at all the initiatives that have thus far been trialled and wonder what else can be done, the truth is that all human initiatives may be flawed due to our unconscious biases.

Studies have shown that recruiters are more likely to view the applications of men than they are women. And another study showed that women apply for fewer jobs than men, and only apply for the positions they believe they’re fully qualified for (men apply to jobs that they think they can do, rather than what they’re fully qualified for).

Remedy During Hiring

To remedy this problem, researchers are looking at incorporating AI and big data into the hiring process, which would help to override these biases. To learn more about how tech can help to narrow the gender pay gap and make the world more equal, take a look at the infographic below.  

Infographic by University of Maryland University of Maryland Contributed Content.