Ultimate Guide To Writing Killer Headlines

The headline is one of the most essential components of any piece of writing. It does not only set the tone but gives the reader the purpose of the entire content. You are always attracted to blogs with catchy headlines, so you already know how important they are. Let’s have a look at some tips and tricks used by a freelance digital copywriter for writing killer headlines.


Do not start worrying about the title when you have not even started writing the first paragraph. Take your time and have things in order. Think of keywords and the topic that you want to address. These two are key to writing exceptional content. After writing your article, look for a suitable title that corresponds with your content. If you already had a title in mind, try playing with words to make it more attractive.


Most headlines are clickbait or should be. Have you ever clicked on a headline only to find the article does not relate to the headline? If you use such a trick on your website or blog, you will lose visitors faster than you think. You surely don’t want to find yourself in such a position. This is a shady practice that you should not tolerate. What you should always aim at for your is the accuracy of all your headlines for every article, blog or website copy published. Also ensure that the title sounds impressive and if possible, include figures for preciseness. This way, you will gain the trust of readers.


Extremely long headlines do not grab the attention of the reader. Most people give up midway reading such titles. Make your headline short and memorable. If possible, keep it less than 70 characters if it is for SEO purposes. Using adjectives is always a great option but do not use too many of them. A short headline arouses the curiosity of visitors.