Tricks Of The Trade Show Pitch

Preparing for your first trade show can be a daunting moment, even when you’ve achieved great things in digital marketing and other ventures. However, it needn’t be nearly as scary as you’d imagine. With proper planning, you can remove the sense of unknowingness to regain control ahead of the big event. Achieve this, and success will be assured. The trade show can be a key step in the pathway to business growth. So, how can you be sure to leave a winning impression to gain immediate sales and long-term interest? Let’s take a closer look.


When you visit a trade show, there is a high volume of potential customers. Having said that, there’s also a large number of other businesses fighting for their interest. As such, it’s imperative that you learn to make a big first impression.

Overhead signs can help the business stand out from afar. Meanwhile, if permitted, a small stage and speaker systems may give you an edge over the competition. Mostly, you need to be loud and proud. In addition to grabbing the attention of potential clients, it shows that you mean business. This professional atmosphere can work wonders.

A great first impression doesn’t guarantee sales, but getting more people to visit your pitch will certainly boost the chances.


Even once you’ve grabbed their attention, clients won’t give your business a long time to win them over. You need to view those communications almost as though they are short presentations. With this in mind, every second count.

Expressing details about products and services in a clear and concise manner is vital. Many successful trade show people find that visual prompts are the best way to cover all points.  Plan ahead by getting a corporate video company like Dream Engine to produce a short film. It should make a telling impact as this media is easy to digest.

If nothing else, it saves you the hassle of repeating the same things over and over throughout the day.


It’s an old business phrase, but people do buy people. The trade show is a perfect chance to let human interaction shine through. In many cases, this could be the deciding factor to turn interested in converted sales.

Trade shows are a professional environment, but they allow you to embrace informal discussions. Listen to clients and form a personal bond.  It will give you an insight into their consumer habits. In turn, it may allow you to steer the conversation until you reach the intended outcome. Moreover, it may give you a few ideas to tweak the business over the coming weeks and months.

If clients like you, they’ll be more likely to give your business a chance. While it may not always result in a sale, your success over the course of the trade show will be greatly increased.


First impressions are one thing, but lasting impressions are the true hallmark of a successful trade show event. In truth, sales revenue is only the start. Many clients will go home to think about their decision before coming back to you. As such, being memorable is a must.

Business cards and leaflets will provide the contact details, but you need to stay fresh in their minds too. Simple products from The Pin Factory tick this box emphatically. Meanwhile, giving them a small freebie shows that you go the extra mile. Most importantly, though, it encourages them to make the mental link between your business and great value.

You’re not just aiming for a short-term sales boost. Ideally, you want to gain customers for life. Think beyond the trade show itself, and your hopes of making this happen will be far greater. Collaboration.