Top 10 Copywriting Tricks Every Business Needs

Writing is an art that is only perfected by expanding your knowledge, collaborating with other writers and gaining endless practice. Every freelance copywriter should keep in mind various things to write exceptional articles. If you are still struggling with writing engaging and informative content, here are the top ten tricks and tips for you.


Carry out intensive research on your topic at hand so that you gain sufficient knowledge on the key areas that you feel need addressing. Once you have a stack of research compiled you will then be better enabled to create some seriously scintillating content offering your eager readers the most critical information. As well as captivating your readers you will also be building the credibility of your brand.

For instance, as a health and wellness writer crafting an article on 'how to improve your immunity' (perfect example of a boring title, but used, so you get the gist of what the topic is) it would be mundane to be including endless information on vitamin C as every article on immunity would have this covered. By researching the latest evidence-based studies, you find that the mineral copper plays a significant role in a robust immune system.

You then examine how many other articles include this finding, and you see not many. There and then you have a winning slice of content to add as a section to your article. It is authentic, honest and trustworthy. Your readers will want to know what on earth you are going to be fuelling their minds with next.


Some people think that writing engaging content is all about adjectives. No! A great combination of words seems to do the trick far more effectively. Most important is to know the writing persona (1st, 2nd, 3rd person) to use for your content. And stick to using the same persona throughout your entire article. An essential tip and basic I know, but I find this one tricky. I have a monkey mind which seems to be brilliant at flicking and flitting off into multiple directions.


An outstanding freelance copywriter understands that some words are more potent than others. Some of these powerful words are “free, you, instantly, now, and because”. Use them wisely.


Our world today is busy and fast-moving. Readers do not have much if any, spare time to read the information that is either complex or mixed up. Divide different ideas into paragraphs.


You may write fantastic content, but your font may make the whole article look entirely out of whack. Use a clean, clear font that is easy to read. And large enough for those with deteriorating or lousy eyesight.


If you continuously keep making spelling errors, readers will instantly create an unfortunate and probably wrong impression of you and may not read your articles.


Do not rely on false information to attract traffic. Such strategies only work for a short time. Honesty and authenticity speak volumes, and your readers will love you for it.


Boring headlines will rarely attract readers. Write catchy headings and keep them short to make readers curious to know more.


Readers want something that is easy to understand. Your choice of vocabulary matters when creating content to keep your readers captivated as well. Express professionalism. Let your message be precise and clear.


Write content that readers want. Take your time to understand the preferences and needs of your target audience. Write great content that meets the requirements of the audience.

What do you think? If you've made it this far, I'm sure you'd have an opinion or two. Spill your thoughts and spiel them below.