Thinking Festival Food & Market Stall Potential

In a world of increasingly uncertain business footing, many people are opting instead to open their restaurants. Shopping habits may be moving online but people will never stop eating out. Even when money’s tight, most of us can afford to treat ourselves in these small ways. As such, the restaurant business is pretty foolproof. But, as with any entrepreneurial field, you need to always think of ways to expand here. One fantastic option for those is to take things on the road sometimes.  It can work with fairs of all different kinds, and even festivals. Once you know you have a pitch, it’ll be no time before you’re heading off. To make sure your food is a festival hit, you should consider the technicalities. Which is why we’re going to look at a few things you need to cover.


Your display is what will pull the crowds. It’s also the thing which will take the longest to develop.  How can you make your stand, stand out? There are many options. You could go for a traditional marquee, like those found at By opting for a brightly coloured choice, you can be sure your logo will be visible for miles around. Or, you might want to go for a more quaint option. An old milk truck, for example, is sure to appeal to the audience you’re catering. Renovate the inside to make it a food truck admired by all. Having fun and thinking outside the box here is sure to give you the edge. You could even incorporate methods to ensure maximum efficiency. What’s to stop you from highlighting your food truck with a coloured marquee?


For the most part, you want to advertise your best food with this truck. Do well, and you can gain some customers for your real restaurant. That said, you need to think about the technicalities.  You want easy to eat finger food options.  And, developing a menu like that can be tricky. If you’re struggling for ideas, head to conversations like this one found at, which should help to inspire you. Equally, you could head to someday festivals and check out what other companies have on offer. Bear in mind that you want to put your twist on any ideas you get.


Another thing to consider is your pricing. As you’ve developed a new menu for the cause, it’s unlikely you have an idea of price yet. It’s also important to bear in mind that festival prices are a law unto themselves. They’re usually sky-high because you have customers over a barrel. But, that may not be the way to go. If you want loyal customers, keep things as low as possible while still making a profit. Collaboration.

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