There's No I In Team

This is something that we feel a lot of people need to come to terms with. You’re either someone who is very focused on what they’re doing and thinks everyone should be doing what you’re doing. Or you’re someone who takes a bit of a backseat and gets dragged along by what everyone else is doing. It’s the same for pretty much everyone, you’re either a leader or you’re a follower. But as a business owner, you’re going to be the one leading the pack for your team and remembering that there is no I in team, is one of the most important things you can do. It shouldn’t be a single effort in terms of your workforce, you should be looking to create one where everyone gel together, bounces off each other and can help each other out. If you feel like this isn’t really happening for you at the minute, then now is the time to do something about it. There are plenty of ways that you can create that team environment, you just have to take on board the tips below to get yourself started.


If you’ve already got your team of employees hired, then this one might be a little harder to manipulate. It’s hard to change someone's personality, but it’s really easy to change someone's work ethic and the views of others towards the team. As long as you can create that energy that everyone is going to be different and work in different ways, but the team should still pull together and include everyone, then you’re winning. It’s good to have different personalities in the room, it creates a varied working environment. But the right type of person is going to be someone who is accepting of everyone, makes everyone feel comfortable, and loves their role. If you’re finding someone is constantly pushing others away, taking control of situations that aren’t there, and perhaps even belittling others, then it’s time to think about having a chat with them, and perhaps even looking for someone who is going to gel with the team!


If you haven’t done a team building day as of yet, then you really are missing out. Team building is one of the best ways that you can pretty much force people to come together and to work together. So have a look into corporate team building games, and see which one you think would work. It has to be fun, it has to be full of energy, and it has to actually be the one that’s going to get everyone working as a collective team, not one where one person takes the lead and everyone else follows!


Now it’s time to look at you because you’re the true leader of your pack. It might be worth thinking about how you can motivate the team, and have more of a forward role with everything that they’re doing. Even if it just means popping into their working environment once a day, and asking how they’re getting on or if anything needs doing. Collaboration.