The Key To A Great Business Card

While social media and more professional services like LinkedIn exist to connect and help professionals of all kinds come together and share their portfolio, thankfully, the business card has not been completely replaced. We say thankfully because despite how cumbersome you may feel carrying these around with you can be, they are still a great deal of fun, and can be a great networking tool.

This means that the key to a great business card is to look at all of its details and to consider how it reflects you as a professional, or your business within a wider and important context. Hoping to hammer down some of these elements can prove to be nothing if not a worthwhile experience, giving you a great eye for design and also how design can impact to your advantage.

With that in mind, please consider the advice below. Odds are, apply this, and you will receive a greater deal of callbacks or build further connections because when you pay attention to detail, it really does show.


A business card needs to convey information, so before the motivation to get too clever for it starts to spring up within your emotional core, it’s important to ensure the content is legible and readable. This is where impressed fonts with bordered colours can help them stand out from the background. Be sure not to write too much information here, just your contact information, the company you work for or own, and the contact information. Perhaps a small brand motto can work well, too. Ensure the font is readable, and friendly to the eyes. Use a font style that reflects the kind of work you do. Avoid comic sans, as professionalism is often the best options for most cases here. This will ensure clarity.


The personality of your business card can be important to consider. For example, you may wish to use a little splash of colour, or carefully show a couple of small images of your portfolio on the back, or a pithy well-meaning inspirational phrase, or a slight description of who you are and what you offer. Sometimes, graphic designers can help you impress a smart design that works with the entire theme, but be sure not to get too intelligent, as this can put some people off.


Of course, if your business card is less of a card and more of a soggy sicker, odds are you’re going to struggle when trying to gain a callback. This is where printing supplies offered by can be so important and may help you gain a better and comprehensive standing when making that first impression. Ensure that you invest in solid production, or sometimes, even consider using a professional outlet. This way you can hand your card with confidence and a smile, which can mean everything in business.

Using these tips, we hope you can unlock the doors leading to great business card design. Photo by STIL on Unsplash Contributed Content.

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