The Art of a Speedy Office Declutter

Offices can get incredibly cluttered especially if they’ve been in use for a couple of months or even years. If you’ve yet to declutter your office then there’s a good chance that your drawers are full of junk.  Your computers are full of garbage, and your storage room is a complete mess.  Here are some tips that are going to help you make your office a more productive workspace.


What do you need to keep in your office?  Do you want to have broken computer components laying around on the off-chance that you’ll repair them?  Or is it cheaper to get rid of it on eBay?  Do you need all of those pens and pencils?  If not, then why not cancel your next significant stationery order?  As seen in this article from, having excess office supplies invites your employees to snatch some home because you won’t miss it and you’re continually restocking them anyway.  Avoid ordering too many office supplies, and you’ll save plenty of money and help to declutter.


Take a look at services such as to find an affordable external storage solution to keep things such as paper archives, documents and other unwanted items.  Once you’ve decluttered, examine your storage unit and sell anything that can still be used and throw away things that can’t.  If you’re using the storage to keep paper archives and documents, then make sure it’s a secure storage location.


Computers can also be the victim of neglect and, as a result, will need some cleanup eventually.  The best way to avoid installing too many programs is to monitor how your employees use them. If they’re continually downloading things then politely remind them that it’s not their home personal computer – it’s one for the office.  Don’t let them mess around with your computers and make sure you clean up the computer, so it doesn’t slow down.  Take a look at this informative article at to learn some useful tips on how you can clear up your computer.


There are probably areas in your office that are prone to clutter.  For instance, office desks are usually a prime suspect, but so are communal bureaus and offices.  Your employees might use an empty desk spot as a place to store all of their unwanted papers or miscellaneous documents, or your shelves might be a source of clutter due to your paper records.  In short, locate areas where the confusion is high and ask yourself why it’s so cluttered in the first place–there’s usually always a reason!


As you can see, it’s not difficult to declutter an office if you’re willing to put in a bit of elbow grease and rent out some external storage.  Decluttering your office will help assist your workflow and can speed up your productivity if you allow it to.  Collaboration.

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