Simple Ways To Spice Up Your Meeting And Make It Interesting

Organising and ways to spice up your meeting can be a tough job even for seasoned employees who have held a lot of them. One has to put in a lot of effort into planning, and executing that same plan can be an even more difficult challenge. There are now simple ways in which you can create high-quality and meaningful content for your meetings so your employees or colleagues can have a genuine experience which will boost their productivity and motivation. To help you learn how to do this effectively, we have singled out our favourite easy-to-follow tricks to spice up your meetings. Let’s take a look and get inspired. 


First things first, we all know that the majority of meetings about important topics tend to be just one person speaking for a more extended period. Research has shown that in those situations, a large number of employees won’t be able to capture the essential parts and will forget about them soon after. To solve this issue, it’s vital to let everyone participate in discussions by promoting brainstorming sessions and allowing positive and negative feedback on the topics with Q and A sessions throughout the meeting. Lastly, once everyone feels like an equal part of the meeting, they will be more focused and ready to give their 100%. Tune in to some motivational quotes to spark the meeting up.


When there are extremely important tasks and long agendas that need to be covered in one sitting, it becomes essential for everyone to take regular breaks. This will not only help you keep the workers satisfied, but you’ll rest assured that everyone can pay attention to the focal points of your presentation. For example, you can organise 5-minute breaks after every 30 minutes, and one longer lunch break if the meeting drags on for more than 3 or 4 hours. Furthermore, make sure to instruct your employees to do something that will stimulate their mind like a crossword puzzle or reading a book instead of spending their breaks staring at their phones.


The use of visual aids in any form can immensely benefit your meetings and keep the employees interested and ready to participate. Although PowerPoint presentations help capture the essence of important topics, most employees will see them as useless if the slides start piling on with no end. Luckily, there are, of course, creative alternatives. For instance, you could print and hang posters and photographs on the whiteboard that can help you deliver your messages more effectively and evoke a strong emotional response from the employees. Additionally, if you have an artistic side, then all you need is a great whiteboard marker and a flip chart or a board. On top of that, by utilising as many different colours you can, categorise, prioritise and underline elements of your presentation so that your employees can easily comprehend and remember what’s crucial. 


Even though this may sound like the type of advice you’d give kindergarten teachers, we assure you that adults love a small incentive now and then as well to get them motivated during meetings. The key to making this idea work in your favour is to try and keep these incentives a surprise as often as possible. This way, in time, your employees will be much more enthusiastic to participate in meetings. For example, placing a bowl of small mixed candies in front of the meeting room is a great way to start. Alternatively, if your meeting is going to be about creating new products and services, you can buy coffee or tea for your whole team which will give them a boost of energy to stay focused and creative. Lastly, once a month, you can plan a meeting at the end of the workday and then invite your employees for bowling or ice cream afterwards to show how much you appreciate their hard work and dedication. 


Last but not least, decor and furniture arrangements can have tremendous effects on the outcome of your meetings. Nowadays, more and more companies are deciding to go for the semi-circular seating arrangement where the speaker is at the forefront, and the employees are facing each other. This helps create the notion of equality among co-workers and enhances the flow of communication. Lastly, remember to use colours for the walls and furniture that promote calmness, creativity, discussion and teamwork, such as a mixture of pastel turquoise and orange hues. 

As you can see, turning dull and unimaginative meetings into events that can uplift and motivate the workforce is not so hard after all. All that’s required is genuinely caring about your team, showing them how much they are valued and a willingness to go a step further in order to achieve common goals. Good luck and keep your workers interested every day. Author: Stella Van Lane.