Should A Business Still Be So Formal?

We still think it's such common knowledge that working in an office is going to be strict. It's going to mean sitting in an office and getting there for 9 am or earlier every morning, and doing any overtime that's expected of an employee. That's just the tip of the iceberg. So many employers are now expecting far more of their employees. To think how little some office workers get because their role is administration, yet the company is making potentially millions from the work that the underpaid employees are doing.

What many business owners don't realise is how much this is affecting work ethic and morals within an office. Some employers wonder why their employers aren't doing the work they should be doing, but they're working in miserable conditions and not getting paid for it. So, we're going to show you why we think you shouldn't be following this ancient way of running a business, and how a more modern view might suit you. 

The People You're Hiring 

The people you're hiring are going to determine the way that your business flows. Some business owners prefer to go for employees who are older. The maturity levels are often higher, and there's less chance of employee turnover being high. However, some know that younger workers are generally more thirsty to make money, which makes it easier to get more out of them for less. However, there are modern problems such as drug use amongst younger employees that create issues in the workplace. So some employers tend to use a pre-hire drug test to determine what drugs an employee is on if anything. We think this is a really ancient way of doing things. It's only suitable for those doing a job that could impact the lives of others. For example, anyone working in the medical field, or anyone using heavy machinery. Employees can often feel discriminated against for what they do in their spare time if the role they're doing won't be impaired. However, we know some of you will have a strict no drugs policy no matter what! 

The Way Your Office Is Managed 

The way you manage your office is going to have a big impact on the work your employees are able to do. You can't expect people to work productively for you if they're getting poor treatment in return. So, the one thing we'd always advise is that the managers you have don't get power-hungry. This is often overlooked by so many SEOs. It's seen as a productive way of managing employees, but to the employees, the micromanagement and criticism of someone who has got a bit power hungry is enough to make anyone leave. So always make sure that your own, and the management style of anyone you've hired to do the role, is fair and comforting. The more role models your employees have to look up to, the easier it's going to be to keep an office running smoothly. 

The Support You Provide

Finally, make sure you're involved with all the ongoing support your employees need. You'd be surprised how many CEOs don't know the name of any of their employees, and it's really not good for morale. Contributed Content.