Secrets Of A Digital Nomad: Copywriting 101

With many of the world’s cities in both developed and developing countries becoming more and more congested and consequently creating more difficulties for people to get to work in a car, many people are looking for alternative career paths. And just like fans of felines appreciate the independence of their cat, lots of people who take up writing to escape the hustle and bustle of busy cities are also searching for ways to earn a crust without being tied to an office desk.

However, folk planning to become a freelance health copywriter should try to find out more about what it is like to do this sort of work. Would you get involved in a particular job without learning the pros and cons of the aspects of the duties involved? I do not think so. OK, so we know what we should do if we are thinking of becoming a freelance creative copywriter – putting our plan into practice is the next step, of course.


Gifted writers able to make blogs or other articles engage their audience will have a good chance of landing a job with firm providing opportunities for potential freelance blog writers. However, we should not get too ahead of ourselves, should we? Although we may have written loads of blogs for our projects over the last few years, do we know a wide range of products or services that we may have to write about in our newly chosen career? If our answer to this question is – “Well, not really”’, we should consider doing a bit of relevant research. There are luckily plenty of websites we can look at to learn about the ins and outs of being a self-employed copywriter. Those who are hoping to find a more secure position may want to search online for ways they can get a full-time content writing job with one of the more established digital marketing companies.


One thing that people are hoping to get paid as a health copywriter will have to take into consideration is what they need to do if they are to be any good at this sort of work. As many of the topics to be covered with this kind of job will be things the writer has no clue about, it is essential to carry out proper research on the products or services we have to create digital content for. Of course, from time-to-time, independent writers working for a digital marketing firm will be given a topic or theme they can write plenty about. Indeed, if we have spent the last ten years or so in the technology industry, writing articles about TVs and computers will be right up our street, right?


Do you think we are always going to get the position we have always wanted without looking in all the right places? By rolling our sleeves up to spend time searching online for companies looking for freelance writers, we may be able to secure the sort of work that will keep us busy. Apart from carrying out this tried and tested approach to getting writing work, people with a friend who is a successful professional freelance writer may want to pick their brains to learn more about the better ways to find that sometimes elusive job. As one of my mates told me the other day, getting paid to write blogs, reviews and other articles about things we are interested in is the perfect job. What do you think?


There are heaps of well-written reviews on the ups and downs of working as a health copywriter – it is just up to us to consider the benefits gained by getting involved in this kind of work. Nobody said life was going to be comfortable all the time – did they? One way to have a much clearer idea as to whether this sort of job would suit us would be to search for articles providing the more positive aspects of working as a copywriter such as the following:

  1. Learning about lots of different industries

  2. Getting a chance to work at our own pace

  3. Being able to work at almost any venue we want

  4. Having an opportunity to travel more if we so wish

  5. No more having to wear "office clothes"

  6. Taking breaks when we want to

  7. Being able to manage our own working time

  8. Spending more quality time with friends and loved ones

Those with a genuine interest in all things to do with health are probably going to look for independent writing work that gives them the chance to write blogs from the heart. Indeed, could you imagine writing articles about the benefits of meditation and alternative therapy if we are really into that kind of thing. Fantastic eh!


A freelance health copywriter who feels they have landed their dream job could be at the beginning of the sort of career that will get their friends green with envy. In many cases, people who choose to become a freelance copywriter will do so to get the chance to visit the kinds of countries which interested them the most. And who in their right mind is going to knock back the opportunity to get paid for writing copy while doing a spot of sightseeing, not me, I can tell you. A recently advertised "health copywriter" position found online could turn out to be just what we were looking for if we are planning to tour around this vast country.

Of course, as there are so many fantastic attractions to absorb right across Australia, awestruck content writers will need to keep focused on what they need to do while travelling from the coast- to- coast.

Are tempted by being a digital nomad? If on the other hand, you might be like me who is a digital nomad in my head enjoying my freelance writing job for the freedom of flexibility to fit in with my gorgeous family of five.