Safety First In The Workplace

Safety first!  Over the past few decades, many companies have welcomed a lot of extra tech and equipment into their offices and workspaces. Most of this tech helps employees with their day to day tasks and can make their work a lot more efficient and safer. However, some can cause specific health and injury risks. No matter what industry you work in, whether you work with chemicals in the pharmaceutical sector or you are an admin assistant in an office, it’s essential that you keep safety first while you are at work. Here are some tips that can help you do that.


If you work with dangerous machinery or chemicals, then you should always wear the appropriate safety clothing. Many employee insurance policies are invalid if you are found not to be wearing this clothing. An insurer will not pay out if you are injured while not wearing safety gear. Your employer is responsible for providing you with all the necessary safety clothing. If they don’t, you should have a word with them and explain that you are within your rights to ask for clothing that can keep you safe.


There is one injury that every worker out there is at risk of, whether they work in a factory or an office, and that is back strain. More often than not, people develop this because they aren’t carrying heavy loads correctly. In a factory environment, you should always use a GIS electric chain hoist or something else that can take the weight of the heavy load. If you are carrying anything heavy in an office environment, make sure you bend down and keep your back straight.


You might think that working at a computer is perfectly harmless, but it can cause you to develop some health problems. Firstly, working at a computer for too long will cause you to develop eye strain. Ideally, you need to take a break away from the screen every twenty minutes to rest your eyes.  Invest in an ergonomic chair and desk.  It prevents backaches and pains from slouching over your computer all day at your desk.  


Your work environment should always be kept as neat and tidy as possible. Any excess clutter can become hazardous, and you might end up tripping over and getting injured.  There is less chance of any emergency exits getting blocked up with clutter and junk. That could be very dangerous if you ever need to escape from a fire or another emergency!

As you can see them, keeping safety your number one priority in the workplace is very important! In some cases, it may even save your life or a colleague’s life.  Collaboration.

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