Ridiculously Easy SEO Tricks To Help Promote Your Business

Writing online content which has some highly effective SEO strategies sprinkled throughout could potentially help your business thrive online. If your goal is to become an exceptional SEO copywriter for other companies or planning on writing your own content here are some tricks to get you started.

Understand Your Audience

How can you effectively address your audience if you do not know who you are speaking to? You need to ascertain what the needs and preferences of your target audience are. Before you even start researching a topic, take your time to find out what people want to know. If your content is not appealing to readers, forget about good rankings. Do not overlook, skip or get tired of doing extensive homework on your target audience because it always pays off.

Catchy Headlines

You know how important headlines are in any form of article writing, especially online content. Always write a well-thought-out and compelling headline. Arouse the curiosity within your readers, so they instantly need to click through to find out about your article. Let the headline set the tone for what you want to address. First impressions matter enormously with this one.

Use Subheadings

‘Skimmable’ and sparkling subheadings sprinkled evenly throughout your article gives your reader an idea of what they will learn or enjoy from your blog. Anyone can work that out. However, the real trick with this is to put some strategic thought into your subheadings. They need to be sparkling and as catchy as your title. Like with your title, your subtitles need to urge your reader to settle in and read the rest of your article. A dense piece of copy with no subheadings is an instant turn off. Ease them in by creating content with titles to make it skimmable.

Look Organised

Subheadings also make your content look organised. Nobody wants to waste time reading material that seems not to be well-organised. Well organised content is appealing and easy to understand. Your reader will hopefully pay attention to some of the most critical sections of your article. Remember most readers are busy and don’t have much spare time to read too much.

Short Paragraphs 

Short paragraphs are easier to understand, in comparison to longer sections which may at times confuse your reader. The lazy and busy type of reader will most probably give up before reading the whole paragraph, let alone your entire article. About four sentences are enough to express your ideas without losing the attention of the reader. If you do have any big chunky paragraphs identify where you can split the section up by inserting another subheading.

Variety Of Sentance Lengths 

Try to use a mixture of sentence lengths. It is so dull when a copywriter uses extensively long sentences throughout the entire article. Similarly, overuse of short, sharp sentences doesn’t help your article flow. Try to use a variety of short and longer sentences as this helps you make music with your words and helps your reader flow through your article. If you are using WordPress, check out the Yoast plugin.


If you have a Wordpress website use the powerful Yoast plugin. I have loved the Yoast plugin for years. Among many other things, Yoast will highlight all your sentences which are over 200 words. I get such a kick of satisfaction when my articles receive those two green lights from Yoast. Yoast checks your content and scores your entire article for readability and SEO optimisation. For excellent content, you aim to achieve one green light for SEO and another green light for readability. I remember when I first started writing I’d always get two red lights for nearly all my articles which is the worst ranking. It would take me hours improving my content until my article gained the two green lights from Yoast. If you want to get your articles ranking for SEO get onto Yoast.

Cover Trending Topics

Always be on the lookout to find out what’s new. It could be fashion, blogging tools, wellness habits or lifestyle tips. Most people will be more attracted to recent news and trending topics. As much as we hate to admit it, many of us want to be in on the action of the latest trend and in with the new cool kids on the block. Keep ahead of all emerging trends so you can offer your readers all the latest news, tricks and tips on any exciting and emerging trends. In a sense, you need to make your reader feel as though you have their best interest at heart.

Give your readers everything. Ensuring that your readers do not get left behind is an excellent way of looking after them and having their back. If you don’t genuinely have this underlying belief, feel or thought your readers might jump ship to better options out there.