Rebooting A Brand That's Suffering Online Lag

So, you’ve made a move to the online world in your small business. You’ve got your website, social media and marketing set up, but perhaps you’re finding that it’s not hitting the mark.  A significant number of businesses haven’t rethought their brand to fit the online world. It’s one of the leading causes of poor digital migration, so what can you do about it?


You might already have what you consider is an “effective brand”. The name, logo, and visual language might all work for the physical marketing efforts you’ve undertaken. But online, there are aspects of the identity you might start rethinking.  Your logo and accompanying colour scheme or visual language might not fit your website design. Your usual focus when it comes to writing copy might not be best suited to content marketing or web copy. You might be in need of a web designer, not just a developer, as well as a closer look at the online “voice” and personality of your brand. For instance, on social media, the professional, clean-cut tone might not go over as well as affecting a warmer, casual, more customer-centric personality.  


There are a lot of different reasons to get into digital marketing, as well. You have to ensure that your methods fit the motive. For instance, if you want to drive traffic to your website, then search engine optimisation, pay-per-click adverts, and content marketing are all about drawing attention inward.  Social media, on the other hand, is about providing customer service, sharing content, managing an online community, and keeping your finger on the pulse. Video marketing is best for straightforward advertisement, demonstrations, and showing off your products and services. Learn what methods are best for your motives, and use digital marketing agencies that know how to best use those methods for that specific purpose.


You might have the same core market you’re trying to win over, but the difference in demographics can be staggering. Not only between the online and the offline world, but between different mediums, websites, and social media channels. When you’re shifting focus in business and aiming at the online world, make sure you do it armed with the knowledge of whom you are targeting through different methods. Be aware of where audiences are, and new ways to reach them, such as using online influencers like bloggers and YouTubers who have that relevant audience ready and waiting for you.

Context is everything, especially as it relates your brand. New mediums, new objectives, new audiences can require a huge shift in marketing, message, and even the visual identity of a brand. Be prepared for an update or your business is going to look outdated when it finally lands in the virtual space. Contributed.