Professional Tools Every Copywriter Needs

Writing is an art that helps us bring ideas to life. It is a strategy that also works well for marketing. For this reason, the work done by a copywriter should be state of the art, bang on trend or whatever you like to call the latest 'in thing'. However, besides being good with words, you need to use some tools that will make your work more appealing. Below are some that every copywriter needs.


Once in a while, as a copywriter, you will find yourself in need of a rhyming word. It could be for the purpose of adding some colour and spark to your work. RhymeZone writing tool will provide you with the word you’re looking for, help expand your repertoire of words and also add that extra special sparkle to your content.


Reading, like a ladder, has levels. Different clients will request a copy written on different levels. Sometimes, it is not easy to tell the level of your text just by reading through it. Read-Able tool will tell you what level your work falls in. This way, you can adjust accordingly to fit your client’s requirements.


Word density is essential in any piece of writing. You may feel like your keyword dominates the entire article. Live Keyword Analysis tool is a productive and time-efficient way of ensuring that you haven’t under or overused your keyword. Live Keyword Analysis will analyse the frequency of your keywords throughout your article for you, just at the click of a button.

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No writer wants his or her work to leave out anybody. Therefore, using the technical term is not the best way out. Un-Suck It tool will help you replace a technical term with another word retaining the meaning.


Yoast SEO is the number one plugin for WordPress SEO. Yoast is my favourite tool that I would highly recommend. It is user-friendly and provides incredible training. Totally love, love, love Yoast!


Oh my goodness where would we be without Grammarly! If you are going to be successful as a copywriter, a degree in journalism would be handy, but not essential. Grammarly proofreads your content checking for, among other things, punctuation and spelling mistakes. If you have international clients, you can change the settings to suit that country. For instance, American spelling is different to English spelling. However, the plagiarism tool of Grammarly is critical for all copywriters creating content and for publishers reviewing supplied articles. Nobody wants any copied work anywhere.

Consistently offering high-quality services is the best way to successfully nail a fantastic marketing copywriter freelance job. You need to sparkle and stand out from the rest to enjoy more benefits such as better pay and increased job opportunities. Wishing you all the best socially sparkling your content.