People You Need On Speed Dial When Working From Home

Whether you're working for yourself or someone else, there are many disadvantages and advantages of working from home. You get to work your hours, but it's so easy to get distracted and procrastinate. There's no one to annoy or nag you, but there's also no immediate support there either. Which is why you need to have a list of people you can call with any issues that may arise. It's silly to think that because you're working from home that you're not going to face any of the same problems you would in an office. Plus, if you're working for yourself, there isn't a business of people waiting to help you.


If you work for yourself, you know the importance surrounding your finances; everything needs accounting for, and everything needs to be managed and budgeted to the penny. Hence why an accountant is going to be the first person on your speed dial. They are going to be able to offer you advice on anything from taxes to investments, and they know what they're talking about so listen to them. If you don't want to hire an accountant full time, you can manage your finances yourself - make sure you do the research and know what you're doing.


In an office, when a computer breaks or a system crashes you phone up IT, and it gets fixed.  At home - not so easy. Your computer is your responsibility, so you won't have someone pre-assigned to run over and set it all for you. You might have issues with your website, with a piece of software, or even the device itself.  Googling for a good IT repair company will crash with it (unless you possess the new invention called a smartphone) so pop your pre-googled and well-reviewed company’s number onto your speed dial to avoid being completely, technologically helpless.  If your power goes out, you need to think of investing in a generator. 


Your clients are, presumably, the people who are giving you directions in your work. Even if they have a minimal say or provide a simple outline, decisions made that you don't feel you have a license to do without them, you need to call them. The same as if you need to change something vital, like increase the charge due to factors out of your control - for which you would need their agreement before you can proceed. It's also an excellent business practice to keep your client up to date with things, so they should also be able to contact you in turn easily.


Working from home can be lonely and isolated with no one to talk to throughout the day. So make sure you have people you can call for a quick five minutes on your break - utilise the elderly and retired, seeing as they are most likely to be free during the weekdays. Plus people who work shifts or nights are also of benefit to you. The friends who work the same hours can still provide you with a steady conversation via messengers, giving you another conversational outlet to break up your day. Contributed Content.