Lead Generation Tools You Should Be Using Right Now

Site traffic is great, but if you aren't getting at least 80% of those crucial email details then you are missing out on a lot of potential sales. Lead generation isn’t about getting people to your website, it is about getting them to your website and collecting information. You are looking to turn someone who is interested in your articles or your free download, into a loyal customer. And then loyal customers into raving fans - who then go on to promote you without any prompting from you. 

You just have to take them along the right road. Lead generation tools will help you create a range of easy to manage, and use funnels. Of course, you really need a website that will be able to accommodate all of the things that you need, so working with the right web design company is essential. 


The first thing you are going to be doing is collecting email addresses. So you need to have a tool that you feel comfortable with. The chances are you will stick within the framework that each of them uses, so once you decide on the collection tool, you will use that for your newsletters and so on. So spend some time testing a few out and see what you like. Just remember that each time you want to swap after a test, to put the collected email address into a .csv and upload it into your next tool.

Here are some pop-up options:

  • OptinMonster - floating bars, slide-in sidebars, full pages - and a lot of other tools packed inside. 

  • Popup Domination - Super popular, works as a WordPress plugin or alone. 

  • BounceX - When someone displays leave behaviour it triggers the pop-up. 

  • Sumo - Free popup plugin, has a lot of other features and has a range of other marketing and email integration. 


Once you have some email address you need to have content ready for people. If they signed up for a free course or eBook then make sure they get it within ten minutes. You’ll need to have these processes set-up long before you start promoting the list. Here are a few tools that can be used:

  • Hoovers - You can build different lists, and you can also input different information like what company they work for, so you always know if you are having the right conversation with the right people. 

  • Growbots - If you already know your target market, then Growbots is designed to help you get your prospects from a database of more than 200 million contacts. Social media, direct emails and phone numbers. 

  • Lead Forensics - They collect anonymous data and deliver it to you. You can then score the visitors and spend your time on those that convert. 

  • ConvertKit - great for funnel creation, automated and very flexible. 


Once you have all of the leads you need a way to manage them. There are a lot of tools that you can use to do this, in fact, pretty much anything that can collect and send out newsletters with having some management options. But for this one HubSpot is free. It is easy to organize, track and firm up leads. It will give you an easy overview of the interactions so you can react accordingly. Collaboration.