Job Security For Freelancers, Is It Possible?

Job security is something we would all like to achieve, but most freelancers assume that it is not possible.  After all, you are often working on one-off jobs and for different clients.  It can feel like there is a much lower level of security when compared with traditional employment whereby there is severance pay and seemingly longer and more secure contracts.  So, can job security be achieved as a freelance copywriter?  It can, and it’s a two-part process…Protecting Yourself With Existing Contracts

The first thing you need to do is protect yourself in terms of the contracts that you already have.  Firstly, make sure you actually do have a contract with all of the different clients you work with so that you are afforded some level of protection.  Secondly, as a freelancer, you should only work with reliable clients.  If someone has a habit of not paying you on-time or disappearing for months on end, work on replacing this contract with something more solid.


Diversification is the key to success in any role.  Another way to sure up your security levels is to look for additional ways to make some extra cash.  Here are some suggestions…


Can you offer expertise in a certain area? Do you already have an online presence?  If so, webinars training could be an option to consider.


Trading CMC markets is another good way to make some more money.  However, make sure you research this thoroughly before diving in.  After all, money can just as quickly be lost as it can be made when you go down this path, which is why aligning with an excellent platform is a must.


This is not going to put tons of money in your bank, but it is an excellent way to make a bit of extra cash per month to supplement your freelancing income.


If you have expertise in a specific field, you can help people out by using your knowledge to answer questions.  There are a number of different websites that enable you to do this and get paid for your efforts. JustAnswer and LivePerson are two good examples.  Regarding the level of income, you can make from this venture, and it does all depends on what area you have expert knowledge in.


Finally, have you thought about creating your own eBook?  The good things about going down this route are that it can provide you with two-income channels.  Firstly, you have the money that you will make from the book itself.  Plus, if it is successful, you could also turn it into an audiobook.

As you can see, job security can be achieved as a freelancer. It is all about choosing clients wisely and having contracts in place, as well as diversifying your income. Collaboration.