How To Organise Your Time To Achieve Better Results

Try to organise your time to succeed at something.  Whether it is related to your work or private life, it’s essential to have good organising skills.  It is especially true if you are a health copywriter and have kids since they do require a lot of time and dedication.  Moreover, time organisation is something your kids can benefit from as well if you know how to set a good example and teach them.  With that in mind, here’s how you can become more organised and help your kids manage their time as well.


Regardless of how much free time you have, to be successful, you should use it wisely.  Of course, this doesn’t mean you can’t go out with your friends or take a nap if you’re tired. It merely means that you should not waste time.

For example, an excellent way to use your free time is to pursue your hobbies.  If you like to draw, paint, play an instrument, or do some gardening, do it in your free time.  It would make you feel like you’ve achieved more than just your work-related goals, and who knows, your hobby might even help you land a better job one day.

Don’t forget to make time for your family as well.  Plan a trip to the park during your free time, or watch a movie with your partner.  Finally, you can always read a book, as time spent reading is never wasted.  In short, if you do have free time, spend it doing what makes you happy so you can feel more fulfilled at the end of the day.


One of the best ways to start your workday is – on time.  If you’re always in a hurry or five minutes late, you’ll never be able to focus on your work.  So, set the alarm a bit early, and place the phone away from your bed, so you have to get up in the morning.  Drink your morning coffee, go for a walk, or do some exercising to freshen up, and you’ll arrive to work much more motivated and energised.

If you work from home, make sure to set work hours.  Treat your work-at-home job like any other job; during your work hours, you should focus only on your situation.  Prevent all possible distractions, and if you don’t live alone, make sure other family members know not to disturb you when you’re “at work”.

At the end of the week, take an hour, to sum up, the results, and do some planning in advance.  It can help you track your progress and wrap things up for the week.


If you have children, it’s only natural that you want them to be successful.  However, sometimes, they need a bit of help with the organisation.  After all, nobody is born organised.  Once you learn how to manage your time, you should teach them how to do the same as well.

For starters, you can get them a creative planner, so they can write down their notes and organise their schedule.  Next, encourage them to take breaks while studying, but make sure they aren’t distracted.  If they are struggling with procrastination, there are many ways in which you can help them.  Once they have completed their studying, reward them according to their age; spend quality time together, let them go out with friends, or make them their favourite meal.

Having good organising skills can also help them once the time comes to prepare for college – and during college years too.  For example, knowing how to find the right notes can make all the difference when it comes to studying for college exams.  So, if you live in Australia, it might be useful for your child to know about the Thinkswap online platform where they can find many valuable notes, like a good VCE accounting note, for instance.

Good organisation is one of the keys to success in professional, educational, and private fields of life.  So, if you want to achieve good results – and help your loved ones do the same – work on your organisation skills, and you’ll be on the right path to success. Guest Editor:  Style & Beauty Blogger Sophia Smith, High Style Life