How To Move Your Business’s Office And Not Go Crazy

Maddening! That is often how office moves are described. The reason being that the business you have spent so much time and effort on getting to work efficiently and productively where you are, then needs to be picked up and transported to another place. Of course, there are all sorts of problems that can be associated with this, including lost working time, connection problems, and issues with things being broken in the move. Luckily, if you want to know how to move and get things back up and running again as quickly as possible and minimise your stress levels you can find out how in the guide below.


If you are planning on getting your staff to work right up until the day that you move office, you best think again! The reason being that by doing this, you are encouraging them to focus on profits rather than getting ready for the move itself.

Of course, no business wants to lose out on revenue unnecessarily. However, you will find if you don't give them adequate time to pack up and get organised for the move it will take much longer to do, and will likely be more stressful as well.

Avoid Office Injuries

The thing about moving is that is a lot of heavy lifting involved. After all, most office equipment like photocopiers, desks, and filing cabinets are heavy and will need to be lifted correctly to avoid injury.

Of course, this can be a significant risk when it comes to your employees, especially if they are not taught the correct procedures for manual handling. Luckily, you can get professional movers like Chess Moving to help you will all the cumbersome lifting task on the day. Something that means your staff doesn't need to overexert themselves at all.

Happily, this then mean they will be healthy and rested to unpack and get set up at your new location as fast as possible. An added bonus being that your business will also avoid being liable for any employee injuries as well.

Letting Customers Know You Will Be Away

Now, on a typical day in your business, it is quite likely that you would encourage your customers to contact you so you can assist them with their needs and their purchases. However, on moving day, you just won't be free to take their calls, and such distractions will only make things take longer.

To that end, it's essential that you notify your customers of the situation as well as putting your 'out of office' on. Of course, you may wish to leave an emergency contact number for valuable clients, just in case there's a big problem that cannot wait to be dealt with until after your move.

Get Utility Quotes Ahead Of Time

Finally, when it comes to an office move it often much less stressful if you have a made a firm decision on what companies will provide your utilities in the new place. In fact, if you can dedicate some time to this task before your moving day, you can cross it off the list and have one less thing to stress about! Collaboration.