How To Gain Visibility For Your Business

Visibility for your business can be hard in such a crowded marketplace.  We are all bombarded with marketing messages and social media notifications.  There are some things entrepreneurs can do to gain more visibility in today’s world.


Of course, social media is a hugely useful medium to broadcast your message - but unless it’s of direct relevance and personal value to your extended network, it’s unlikely to show up in their Facebook feed unless it’s a sponsored link which, nowadays, can be pretty expensive.  

The main benefit of social media is to use hyper-personalised targeting.  Peoples tastes and interests, even their specific postcode.  Relevancy and high-level targeting will often come at a significant cost. 


Many people, when starting out in business ask what SEO is?  SEO is the practice of helping search engines find your website content.  When someone types a search term such as “organic bananas” you appear on the first page of the site to go to for organic bananas.  Search engines are now forcing us to all play fairly by producing decent content.


The process of content marketing is to write content around your product or service that has value to the reader.  Search engines will notice you as an information source, meaning a source of authority, which is what Google wants to pull up to its readers.  When you think about it, everyone searching for something on a search engine are asking a question and therefore looking for a solution or an answer, they have an itch that needs to be scratched, and Google’s job is to find the right content to answer their question.

Effective content marketing is fundamentally about creating content that is genuinely engaging.  Focus on creating real value for real customers, as this is the best way to get noticed by Google.


In the spirit of content marketing, many companies submit press releases to boost their search engine rank and credibility with ranking sites such as Moz.  Interestingly, not many people will read the content of a press release, but that’s not typically why it’s written.  Press releases used to boost your website rank with Google is a well-known practice that can be pretty effective.

A strategy that can be good for building your company website’s reputation within search engine marketing (see: domain authority) is to submit press releases that are then published on a high ranking site with a backlink to your website.

Google sends out its search robots.  They will rank your website higher because an official webpage (i.e. the press release website) is now linking to your site.  In Google’s mind, infers trust and credibility onto your website.

You can submit a press release on the internet, for a small fee, or on specific websites for no charge whatsoever.  Something to bear in mind about exposure, on these sites, is that it’s not limited to Google. Many journalists working for large newspapers such as The Sunday Times and The New York Times often use these websites to find ‘expert insight’ for ease and time efficiency when it comes to writing an article on a tight deadline.   

There could be a high flying journalist linking your site as a result of a simple press release.  The other thing to consider is that Google views press releases as “news” meaning it tends to hold more weight with the search algorithm.


Not everything has to be online, to gain visibility for your business.  A basic flyer that presents your value proposition is still useful.  Word of mouth marketing remains the best form of marketing around, and it’s free.  If you’re wanting to gain visibility, meaning you probably want to win more customers, don’t limit your activities to that of online go analogue and start making some calls, dropping off leaflets, and putting up posters.

In summary, if you want to get high up in the search rankings within Google, the key is to produce engaging content that is valuable to people’s lives.  

If you want to gain visibility online, you need to appear on the front page of Google.  You mostly need to ‘play the game’.  To do that you need to know which rules can be bent and which cannot.

For instance, it would appear that using press releases can seriously boost your Google rank without being ‘spammy’.  Writing the same phrase over and over again within an article is something Google and Yahoo are cracking down.  Collaboration.