How Instagram Will Elevate Your Brand

Currently, consumers mainly judge the credibility of a business based on its social media presence and performance. With the increased number of social media platforms, it’s difficult to determine which one is worth your time and effort. Instagram is one of the most powerful and popular platforms where most businesses are making overwhelming benefits.


When compared to Facebook, Instagram users are more engaged. According to recent reports, Instagram has approximately 58 times more engagement for each follower than Facebook. Studies also indicate that Instagram users are more attracted to advertisements than Facebook users. About 68 per cent of Instagram users engage with brands as compared to 32 per cent of people using Facebook. If you choose Instagram to engage your consumers, there is no doubt that you will significantly benefit from increased engagement with your target audience and potential customers.


Instagram is compared by many to an art gallery. This social platform can by be characterised with high quality, colourful, and visually appealing videos and photos. Instagram gives users an exclusive taste of what a company offers. Instagram is a fantastic tool for companies to gain loyal customers who may become regular buyers. You are also motivated to improve on creativity which in the end is beneficial for the growth of the business.


Similar to Facebook, you can promote your business by promoting your content. Since customers are highly responsive to advertisements, they will pay attention to what you offer. You can as well advertise the services you provide. This way, you will get more clients. The ads can be targeted to potential customers based on interests, age, location, and gender. Ensure you include in your advertising enough information about what you offer. Businesses are now, more than ever before, in an excellent position to feature different ads in their posts and stories. Advertising on Instagram doesn't have to cost you thousands of dollars. There are numerous cheap yet highly effective options available.

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