How Going Back To The Classroom Helps Further Your Career

Focusing on one career path is a thing of the past. In today’s economy and with business springing up left and right, employees are encouraged to be multifaceted. Having a single skill is actually seen as a professional crutch today. More and more young people are picking up functional skills as they grow up, and by the time they reach employment age, they’re better suited for your job than you with years of experience. So, what gives?


Absolutely nothing. But the truth of the matter is that in the recent decade, it’s become increasingly important to follow the so-called “T-shape” skill development model, where you’re an expert in one field, and well versed (or at least well informed) in others. This is said to make people more attractive to potential employers, makes them more creative, collaborative and so on. Still not fully convinced? Then lend us a few minutes of your time…


Remember when the only thing that mattered at your job was just to be great at it? Excelling at your career was much more streamlined, and in a way, easier. But it also stuck you in a very narrow box of abilities or skills, making you more easily replaceable. Nowadays, the more new skills you learn. and the more familiar you are with other disciplines, the more invaluable you become. Utilising new skills in your current position makes you a great candidate for a pay raise or a promotion.


It is known that it’s not just our bodies that need training. Studies have long shown that learning new skills engages your brain and creates new neural pathways. This helps your mind receive more information, and utilize what you’ve already known in new ways. One could even say it rejuvenates your brain. This is such a big help when it comes to keeping up with the trends in business, whichever career path you chose. You’ll become more focused, more productive, and be able to store more new information.


Don’t underestimate the power of image education brings. While you may feel insecure about your colleagues’ opinions at first, in reality, it’s the opposite. Taking up night school or a class shows you are an assertive employee, one willing to learn more to advance themselves in their career. You’ll feel more confident in your decisions, and enrich your work experience by applying newly learned skills. It’s an immense bonus in the upper management’s eyes as well, and will more likely bring you respect and admiration. 


It’s easier than ever to start learning anything from programming, accounting, art, or even languages. New skills mean new vocabulary, new ways of problem-solving, and more accurately and appropriately presenting your ideas. Not to mention you can specifically target improving your vocabulary: taking an English placement test could help you determine which conversational areas you can work on. Do your research and find reliable institutions like Sydney English College that offer quality language courses, preferably taught by natives.


Yes, chances are your schedule is going to get much more crowded, and you’ll have less free time. But it’ll be time well spent, an investment in the future. Because the one right skill could launch you to a better job position, a raise, or a promotion. You will meet many more who are in a similar position, have classmates from similar or differing career paths, which is ultimately an excellent way to build your network. A better job could be just one new contact away. 

Going back to the classroom is a far cry from presenting yourself as an imperfect employee. Aside from getting a chance to earn a degree or a certificate that can boost your career, you face numerous other benefits. Your brain remains active and engaged, your focus and discipline improve while your confidence soars. Career-wise, the upper management can see it as an essential step forward, and an indicator of adaptability and initiative.

Lastly, meeting new people from other branches of business and life stories is a chance at changing your career for the better. Today, it’s all about networking. So, start up your browser and start looking – your new life awaits. Contributed Content. 

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