How Blogging Helps Your Business Sparkle

Blogging! Do you or don’t you? A question asked by many. You have invested your money in building your health and wellness business, and you’ve created a website. You most probably engage your clients on social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. However, you still feel frustrated because your brand is not paying off as much as you invested in it. If this sounds like you, don’t worry, you are not alone. Many fellow business owners feel precisely the same. It can be a daunting task running a brand the right way to make it successful.


I often hear “What is the point of spending so much time on blogging?” Most people search online for health-related information. The best thing is that people tend to develop trust in the content provided by bloggers quickly. How many times have you read and firmly believed in what you saw online? Probably uncountable times! That is how clients also view your brand through blog posts. However, you have to build credibility.


You most probably have years of experience and education tucked under your belt. Everyone has knowledge that many would love to read and learn from. The best thing about starting a blog for your health and wellness brand is that it helps you push your limits. Blogging is challenging and requires, among other things, new and very informative content, posted consistently. Most importantly, your content has to knock the socks off your readers. Time is a precious commodity, so your content needs to be exciting and packed with the latest juicy trends and news. You need your readers to develop the urge to return. While writing, try to make magic with your words so your readers can't wait to hear more from you.


How does blogging help you when it requires you to push your boundaries? Well, you will no longer be in your comfort zone because you will need to carry out a lot of research. If you find the task of blogging overwhelming, you might like to consider hiring a copywriter who is experienced in your field to create exceptional content for your business.


Blogging will also help you get a better understanding of your clients which will lead to increased customer satisfaction. Once customers are satisfied with what you suggest, you will no longer be worrying about low profitability and slow growth of your health and wellness business.


Do your research to see what others are writing about to ensure that your readers get quality information that offers something different to what everyone else is writing. It will also help you understand the best products and services to provide. Once you’ve done your thorough research, go away to practise whatever you practice to juicy up your creativity and speak your truth. Yoga and swimming in the morning and a yummy cappuccino as I hit my office is what flicks my creativity into overdrive. A good glass of wine in the evening seems always to get those words falling out of my brain. Can't think for a second why! Anyway, authenticity, my friends, is what the online world is craving. Find your voice, push your boundaries and you be you.