Health and Safety Mistakes Businesses Make

If there is one thing your business cannot afford to get wrong, it is health and safety. Health and safety errors cannot only lead to accidents, but they can cause financial ruin. In fact, a lot of businesses have had to shut down because of mistakes with regards to health and safety.  Let’s take a look at some of the most common mistakes made so that you can avoid them.


There are so many mistakes that businesses make when it comes to carrying out risk assessments. One of the most common errors is not acting on your recommendations. Aside from this, other errors include focusing on safety but forgetting about health, not telling the workforce about the findings, not keeping assessments up to date, only considering ‘normal’ operation, not recognising and acting on all the legal requirements, and leaving out high-risk support activities. Moreover, don’t merely treat filling in the form as the risk assessment.


A lot of business owners make the mistake of only identifying the obvious health hazards, i.e. those that are pertinent to the industry they operate. However, you need to determine all potential health hazards. For example, water contamination is an issue that can affect almost every business. You need to look into useful remote wastewater treatment plants for commercial operations to ensure that your company does not breach health and safety requirements.


Identifying risks and putting in measures to mitigate them also involves training your staff. If you do not provide your staff with adequate training, and they end up with an injury, you could find yourself with a hefty lawsuit on your hands. If you do not train your staff and empower them on potential risks, you are putting them in danger.


Another mistake a lot of business owners make when it comes to health and safety is failing to benchmark. It is important to recognise that every company has its unique collection of health and safety risks. Benchmarking involves finding out what other companies of a similar nature to yours do to prevent the risks they face. So, you need to not only evaluate the needs of your company, but you need to compare them to similar businesses as well.


If you do not measure the risk and the methods you have put in place, you will never know if you are addressing health and safety issues effectively. The only way you can continuously improve on any element of your business is always to track and measure results.

If you can avoid the errors discussed above, you can give yourself a much better chance of getting health and safety right at your business. It is an area whereby you cannot afford to cut corners. It could spell the end of your business if you do. Collaboration.

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