Forging Your Path As A Freelance Writer

If you are thinking of becoming a freelance copywriter, you are doing so at the right time.  Companies are looking for freelance writers more now than ever before. The amount of savvy business owners switching their gigs to an online business is growing at an alarming rate.  Many business owners are choosing to opt-out of their daily commute by running their business from home.  

Every company with an online presence requires a good steady flow of online traffic.  One of the most effective ways of drawing this flow of traffic is with a blog.  Writing a consistent stream of quality content for a successful blog is a full-time job.  It is where you, as an online freelance writer, comes in.  It is an exciting space to be working.  


As an online freelance writer, you will be in high demand primarily, if you can optimise your content for search engine optimisation, otherwise known as SEO. You may be an A grade English student that can punch out the best literature that will have everyone drooling with envy. Or you may have failed miserably at every English exam you’ve ever sat.  The thing is, to make decent money as a freelance writer you don’t need a degree in the English language. What you need is the ability to understand who you are writing for, an engaging tone of voice and some highly professional tools.


Entering any new field of work can be incredibly daunting. Where are you going to find well-paid writing jobs? A question often asked in all professions. If that’s you wondering the same thing, don’t worry! Many online freelance writers suggest avoiding freelance writers job boards. I disagree. I love freelance writers job boards. They all have rules and regulations both writers and clients have to abide by so you won’t have to worry about late payments. As a freelance writer based in Australia, the exchange rate of working for American and UK clients is incredible. Plus, more often than not these short-term projects turn into long-term mutually beneficial working relationships. 


For your content to stand out online, your words need to engage and entertain your target audience. Delving more profound than ‘target audience’ try to ascertain from your client precisely who their 'ideal customer' is. From the information, your client gives you, create an avatar. Often it can be incredibly challenging for a business owner to accurately explain an effective brief and specific description of their ideal client.  To be a successful freelance writer you do need to draw this information from your client.  


Create a list of questions to ask your client before delving into your article. Many writers find that once you have this depth of information, you can develop an engaging tone. Having an avatar does help. I know it sounds like an unnecessary process to go through. But once you have a vision of a person you are writing for you can create words as though you are speaking to them. Once you get to know your readers, you will understand what drives them to visit, stay and return to your client's blog. You will then be able to write more relevant articles. Finding inspiration for your next article title might be less challenging, and the dreaded writer's block might become a thing of the past.


Content written for online businesses needs optimising for search engines. One of the reasons you are an online freelance writer is because you are an expert at writing an article to attract more visitors from Google and Bing. These blog posts are nearly always shared on social media, so you need to know how to attract more visitors from social media as well. Keyword researching will help your inspiration, creativity and growth. Keeping your knowledge of SEO updated is as crucial with SEO as it is with every other aspect of a business. If you haven’t optimised your content for search engines how is your primary target market going to find you?

If the thought of learning how to optimise your content fills you with fear, don’t worry. This worry can completely squash all your inspirational writing ideas, and that is the last thing we want as a new or fully-fledged freelance writer. The most famous and user-friendly tool you can invest in as a digital copywriter is a WordPress plugin called Yoast.

These are only my thoughts on the topic of being a freelance writer.  There are many other writers out there all with varying opinions.  Developing your thoughts and ideas is paramount to your success as a writer, business owner and person.  Don't you think we all need to make a conscious effort to maintain the beauty of authenticity?